There is not a certain way in which you are required to hold a mouse. If there are no issues with aim or pain with the current grip, there is no need to change the same. 

Grip is essentially the position of your fingers and hand while the mouse is being used. Every player has a distinct way to hold the mouse. This article will take you through the different mouse grips and which one should you use. 

Have a look. 

Palm Grip

This is the first, and perhaps the most common way mouse is being held by most of the individuals. The benefits of palm grip is that the tension is low, it is good for tracking and also helps in bettering the elbow and shoulder aim. 

The mouse essentially makes contact with the palm and the fingers. The mouse is held in a cupped manner in which there is natural and relaxed grip without an tension. 

Having this grip will enable you to get smoother control of the mouse. It is ideal for low sensitivity gaming. However, if you want to rapidly click the mouse and make a lot of quick adjustments, then this is not the grip you should adopt. 

Claw Grip

With the claw grip, overall contact with the mouse is reduced. The two main fingers are arched on the mouse buttons. However, the rear part of the palm still contacts the mouse, but is not the same as conventional mouse palm grip. 

If you want the fingers to be more responsive, then this is one of the grips that you must prefer. It provides better pressure on the mouse which can help the tracking movements to be finer. It is ideal for arm aiming and better when it comes to micro adjustment ability. However, it can cause more fatigue as opposed to other grips. 

Finger tip grip

This is the final type of grip that you must be familiar with. In this grip, the palm is not at all used in control of the mouse. This mouse grip is normally used by those individuals who have large hands or are using small mouse. 

This grip is essentially relying on the wrist and fingers. The palm is rarely used in this type of grip. It is perhaps, the loosest grip of all. The tension is very low. There is a lot of freedom and is also considered to be fast grip. 

However, it is always good to know about the drawbacks of a certain grip. With this grip, it can be very difficult to be consistent with the tracking. This is because aiming is difficult with this grip. Moreover, there is a lot of wrist movement required. Thus, it can be worse in terms of consistency. 

The bottom line

Above are some of the grips that you must be aware of. However, the grip you use entirely depends on what your needs and preferences and are and what is the purpose of the grip. You can also buy a grip trainer set to practice different grips until you find the one that suits you the most.