The best TV commercials create impressions that have the potential to last an entire lifetime. However, the average ad comes woefully short of this lofty benchmark for success. Television is inundated with ads, most of which are superficial, abbreviated, and chock-full of sensory overload in an attempt to capture the viewing audience’s attention.

There is an art form to today’s TV commercials, one which precious few business heads and marketers have mastered. Every last subtlety from the nuances of lighting to CTV video specs matters in the context of TV commercials. Sweat the small stuff of your TV ads, present information in an artful and memorable manner and you will succeed in converting prospects into customers, some of whom will remain loyal for years or even decades into the future. 

Without further ado, let’s take a quick look at the three most important elements of the best TV commercials.

Tip #1: Develop and Tell a Story in the Commercial 

Prospective customers are looking for a story they can identify with when they sit down to watch TV after a hard day at work or on the weekend following a hectic week at the office. Audiences seek relatable stories whether it’s in TV shows, movies and, yes, even commercials.

A company that uses storytelling to communicate its value offering in a 30 seconds or less TV commercial is one that will make a potentially indelible imprint on the viewing audience, reaping the rewards in the ensuing years in the form of increased sales and revenue. However, the challenge lies in creating and executing a story with a clear beginning, middle and end. 

A meaningful and heartfelt story or even one that is humorous has the potential to tug at the emotions of the viewing audience, ultimately helping them relate to the story that played out in the TV commercial as well as your brand and business. Such a point of relation and/or the development of an emotional connection matters more than most assume. In some cases, it merely takes a lasting memory stemming from a TV commercial to convert a prospect into a loyal customer.

Tip #2: Focus on a Theme Throughout Commercials

The worst possible outcome for your TV ad is viewers forgetting about your ad. If your TV commercial blends in with the seemingly endless onslaught of visual content blasted through streaming services, cable TV and other mediums, it could get lost in the shuffle. Though some viewers might passively remember bits and pieces of the ad as well as your company’s name, logo, slogan and value offering, those memories may not be strong enough to last. 

Developing a signature character, plot line or an entire story related to your brand is only one piece of the puzzle. Overcome this hump, even if it means reaching out to a professional writer to craft the TV commercial scripts, and you’ll be able to shift your attention to executing the story in commercial form.

Artfully tell a story and you’ll make those pieces that much more memorable, ultimately hiking your conversion rate. However, communicating a story in 30 seconds or less in a manner that captures the attention of the audience is easier said than done. Consider weaving in a thematic component. There should be a recurring theme in each of the ads to unify them into a cohesive whole. 

Maintain brand uniformity with the same characters, themes and other idiosyncratic elements that help viewers recall your company’s name, brand and other points of identity and you’ll establish a much stronger connection with your audience. Such a connection has the potential to serve as the foundation for a meaningful rapport that inspires continued customer loyalty. 

Tip #3: Reinforce Your Brand Elements at Targeted Frequencies

A TV commercial is a golden opportunity to put your brand on display. Branding constitutes a comprehensive company identity that stretches beyond the company name. Examples of branding elements include the company’s name, slogan, logo, colors, signature character and other nuanced elements that make it highly unique and distinguishable from the competition. 

Mix in these branding elements throughout your commercial in both an overt and subtle manner, while resisting the temptation to saturate the ads with those elements, and you’ll strike a delicate balance. The viewing audience will be aware of your company, its identifying markers, purpose and most importantly, the merits of the value offering in the context of solving customer problems.