1          Kingdom Valley Islamabad – An Overview 

Housing societies have been critical because they offer urban residents high-quality housing. Housing societies have existed in some form throughout the world. Still, in Pakistan, they have taken on a life of their own, attracting large numbers of members by offering amenities and services that, sadly, are not accessible everywhere.

Let me present you with a perfect spot in the city center that offers excellent facilities and amenities, including lovely roads, parks for recreation, medical centers to provide health services, top-notch educational institutions, shopping malls, and other things. Kingdom Valley Islamabad seeks to offer its residents a paradise with access to all the upscale amenities for the most excellent standard of living. It is important to note that Kingdom Valley has several significant selling points that set it apart from Pakistan’s other real estate societies. At Kingdom Valley Islamabad, we work to make every Pakistani citizen’s dream a reality by offering them a high level of living at a reasonable cost.

2           Kingdom Valley Islamabad General Block

The well-known developers in Kingdom Valley are responsible for its growing popularity. The general block project is carefully thought out, created, and carried out. The Kingdom Valley General Block provides a range of plots at reasonable prices.

The payment schedule consists of eight biannual payments and forty monthly installments over four years. Additionally, a certain sum must be paid as a down payment to confirm and reserve a plot at voting time. The size of the land determines how much of a down payment is required. After then, the remaining amount must be paid in installments. The prices in the general block start at PKR 975,000 and go up to PKR 13,000,000 in total.

Following is a description of the various plots and their payment schedule:

3          Plot Categories at General Block

Plots in the following sizes are available in the general block: 

·  3.5 Marla 

·  5 Marla 

·  8 Marla 

·  10 Marla 

·  1 Kanal 

4         Kingdom valley general block Payment Plan 

The payment plan at the general block is as follows: 

·  3.5 Marla plot is offered at PKR 750,000/– with 40 monthly installments at PKR 5,250/-

·  Marla is offered at PKR 975,000/– with 40 monthly installments at PKR 9,000/-

·  8 Marla is offered at PKR 1,350,000/– with 40 monthly installments at PKR 12,000/-

·  10 Marla is offered at PKR 1,650,000/– with 40 monthly installments at PKR 15,000/-

·  1 Kanal is offered at PKR 2,500,000/– with 40 monthly installments at PKR 26,000/-

The various types of residential plots and their price ranges available at Kingdom Valley General Block Islamabad are listed above.

The idea of expanding housing societies has opened up a variety of commercial prospects. The benefits of investing in general blocks are numerous.

5          General block for all

One thing that kingdom valley is considering is the average salary of people. It allows middle-class people to have their own houses. The essential purpose of kingdom valley general block is to allow everyone to have the place of their dreams. Kingdom valley is a popular project because of its owners. They have a well-known name among the housing societies of twin cities. 

Kingdom valley knows what people are eager to find these days. In an era of inflation, it isn’t easy to have your own house. That is why kingdom valley offers its residents a different range of plots. The price of these plots is considered for the lower and middle classes. And you can also pay the fee in installments. 

Book your plots with the help of lead marketing and then pay a deposit fee and down payment to live in your dream house. 

6          What Makes General Block Stand Out?

Clients of Kingdom Valley general block can choose from flexible payment options. Our top priorities are our clients’ comfort and convenience. The payment schedules are explicitly developed with prospective investors and buyers in mind. Simply paying the down payment and a fee to confirm recurring installments for the following four years entitles one to purchase the property (plot/house). The clients’ payment schedules might be adjusted based on their future goals. Due to society’s affordable and flexible payment options, it has a proven track record of best-selling products. For more information about kingdom valley Islamabad payment plan contact us on this link.

7          What Do We Offer? 

Kingdom Valley general block offers its residents a wide range of comforts and conveniences. Among the many amenities provided by society are gorgeous and lovely roads, top-notch medical and educational facilities, parks, zoos, playgrounds for recreation, and retail malls. It also provides access to sports facilities for a better quality of life. We protect our inhabitants’ physical, emotional, and social wellness by offering high-quality services.

At Kingdom Valley, we also strive to foster an environmentally conscious culture of improving our residents’ quality of life. 


The M-2 Motorway is next to Kingdom Valley general block, developed by professionals in the field, making the investment potential appealing. It is currently one of Islamabad’s best investment potentials. The payment schedule is the cherry on top of this society’s vast list of advantages. Kingdom Valley guarantees a respectably high rate of return and provides profitable investment alternatives. Invest without hesitation in Kingdom Valley’s general block to earn the best return on your investment for the rest of your life. It offers a fantastic location, top-notch amenities, and reasonable prices.

Additionally, it provides a beautiful potential for investment. It is one of the top housing societies in Islamabad for investment and residence due to its affiliation with the Naya Pakistan Housing Program. If you are searching for property investment in other areas of Pakistan, you may also be interested in reading about Bahria town Karachi 2.