When creating an advertisement for your business, you need to ensure that it is the best that it can possibly be. There are many ways to do this, and each path could offer something new to your company. If you want to make the best ads possible, you need to consider the following points.


Who are you attempting to target with this ad? As part of your business, you should have a clear idea of who you are trying to reach. After all, what is the point in creating the ad at all if you do not have an audience in mind for it? Every opportunity to reach out to your audience has to be taken, and an ad is the best way for you to do so. 

You should have some idea about who your target demographic is for the business overall. Everything that you should do should cater to them. Make sure you do the proper research to determine what might appeal to them, and ensure that you are able to include these factors in your ad, whatever form it might take. Though the ad could be broadcast to a very wide range of people, it should speak most to those who are your perfect audience. You never know who might see the ad. From your most loyal customer to the person who has just discovered your brand, you have to ensure that it will speak to them in some way.


When it comes to the actual content of the ad, there are two paths that you can really choose. The first is the explanatory ad. It will demonstrate your product in some way, and can be a great introduction for those who might not know your brand that well. Whether you are creating a print ad, a video, or something else entirely, you should be able to come up with a composition that speaks of your product or service and your wider company.

The other option is to go completely surreal. Take things as far away from your company as possible, but find a way to link things back. If you can create a surreal ad campaign that is clever and memorable, you have a great chance of ensuring that your audience remembers your brand later down the line. Think about some of the most memorable ads that you have ever seen. Chances are, all of them will carry some degree of surrealism somewhere!


You need to make sure that your ads are created to the right standard. There are so many little details that go into creating a good ad. Even if you want something a little rougher around the edges, there will be a way to also polish it so it can deliver the message you had in mind. You could even make ads with Creatopy so you will be able to determine precisely what the ad should look like.

Whether you make ads with Creatopy or some other platform, or you find someone to help you build a custom ad from your brief, you need to ensure that it reaches the standards that you expect. On top of this, you need to ensure that it is cohesive with the other forms of advertising and marketing that you might use. After all, what is the point of creating an ad if it does not match the rest of your branding? You might only confuse your customers!


As with other parts of your business, you need to consider the cost of making and pushing out the ad. This can add up faster than you might expect, so it is vital that you know how to correctly cost things out. You would not want to blow the budget for the whole marketing campaign on what might be the first ad in the series after all! Even then, can an ad really be considered successful if it is going to cost you an arm and a leg to produce? Surely there has got to be a better way to make it!

For example, you might decide to use stock images or footage to create the ad, but they will cost money to buy. Likewise, if you create your own, you might have to pay for the costs of a model plus editing and other important steps. You need to pay for the time and resources that it will take to assemble the final ad. Finally, you might have to pay some money to place the ads in certain places and boost them so they are seen by your target audience.


You can meet all of the above points, but an ad cannot truly be successful if you do not see an upswing in engagement because of it. This will show you how successful you have been, since there will be a certain action fulfilled by your customers thanks to the influence of the ad.

There are several ways that you can choose to track this. Firstly, it could be as simple as seeing if there is a change to the rate at which the advertised product is bought. You might decide to track how many people click on the ad to be directed somewhere special, or it could be as simple as ensuring that the advertisements that you have been creating are being pushed out through the right channels!

What makes a good ad? It should be something that speaks for your business, whether that is on an individual level or as part of your wider company. Ads are often the perfect reflection of how you want the business to be perceived. If you want to be able to give a statement about your business while also attracting attention to it in just the right way, you need to be comfortable with creating ads for it. You can get as creative with them as you like! Think carefully about what your next ad campaign might look like, and start making plans for it now!