Since the dawn of time, man has been looking for ways to reinvent the methods of consuming food. Be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian, there are ways this entire process of essentially roasting different substances can be made more ravishing. Food has always been the centre of nearly all forms of life. Even those who can go years or even a millennium without food will eventually crave this treat with a passion. Humans have been at the pinnacle of cooking for thousands of years. From frying things in vegetable oil or even doing something as simple as placing certain powder or leaves in the pan that we cook in, it can completely change the texture and the taste of the food. This was up until a few years ago when the air fryer was invented. An air fryer is a multi-purpose tool that can do everything that can be thought up. If a person wants to fry something, as the name suggests, the air fryer will blast the food inside with hot air and allow it to come out very crispy. Otherwise, if a person wants the food to simply be reheated so that they can have a nice hot meal at the end of the day, it will outdo the microwave.

What can you cook with an air fryer?

A person with the best air fryer in India can cook nearly anything that grows under the sun. An air fryer was invented to do one job and one job only. It utilises an idea that is so primitive. It is something that we, as humans, have been using for hundreds of years. It can do everything an oven or a stove can. It can do something that has plagued microwaves forever. That is heat foods with metallic utensils. The air fryer does not make use of any fancy technology that can cause you to have cancer if you look at it or stand next to it for too long. Instead, it employs the fundamental physics that every human learns in primary school. All that it does is pass an electric current through wires that become red hot quickly, then it circulates air through the machine. As the air gets hotter and hotter, the food gets cooked faster and faster. It is very simple to cook food inside an air fryer.

When it comes to cooking meat, the steps are easy. If a person wishes to cook a chicken or any other animal, they go about the recipe as mentioned in whatever cooking book they are following. Once they reach the stage where they have to fry or even panfry something, they just need to put a very thin coating of oil all over the food, then just pop the trough of the air fryer open and almost instantly, within a matter of 20 to 25 minutes, they will have their cooked and deliciously seasoned chicken ready to be consumed.

When it comes to cooking vegetarian meals, even something as simple as a grilled cheese sandwich or a chocolate lava cake, the steps are the same: follow the recipe and once all the preparations are finished, pop open the air fryer’s trough, set the timer, and it will be ready in a few minutes. So, when it comes to answering the question “what can be cooked in an air fryer?”, there is no specific answer. The possibilities are endless and only limited by the user’s imagination and culinary skills. It is a very powerful tool indeed because it can allow a person to create the best dishes or it can also be used to make accidental, inedible food.

What are the benefits of using an air fryer?

An air fryer not only has endless possibilities for cooking, but it also has endless benefits. An air fryer was a tool designed to only do good. It can never be used for any malicious purposes. Starting with the air fryer costs in India alone, the average price of any other cooking furnace comes somewhere in the high thousands, near Rs. 10-15 thousand. Then, there are maintenance costs as well, along with that. However, the best air fryer price in India would probably be as low as Rs. 5000. This price is much lower, and it is not even much of an investment, but it allows you to save money, just like one. The best air fryer with a price of around Rs. 5000, like the Croma 1000, can not only save you money upfront, but it can also save your life and money in the long run. Everybody loves oily food; it is the basis of all that is great in our lives. Although it is also slowly killing us, excessive oil causes the build-up of cholesterol in our veins, which will eventually clog them up and lead to our demise. However, air fryers have once again come to the rescue. They use very little oil, like almost just using an oil layer having the thickness of an eggshell. Using such little oil is safe for our bodies and allows us to lead a much healthier life. Apart from that, the price of oil alone every month can be extremely high when a person uses it daily to cook. However, with an air fryer, a person can cook the same amount of food with about a third of the same amount of oil utilised. To buy an air fryer online in India, just search on Amazon, which will return hundreds of affordable options. Unlike these cheap stoves, an air fryer bought from a reputable company, like Philips or LG, comes with nearly a year’s warranty covering everything.

Another much less mentioned benefit of the air fryer is that when it cooks, it uses a lot of air. That air needs to be dispelled as well when it cooks. Because of this air dispelling, the entire home or cooking area smells so good that everyone in the vicinity has their mouths watering.