There are several vaping devices available in the market. If you are a seasoned vaper, you can purchase your preferable vaping kit by visiting any vape shop Oceanside. But if you are a beginner, then the entire process of choosing a vaping kit can be overwhelming. It is important to do your research to familiarize yourself with the types of vapes suitable for beginning your vaping journey.

Types of Vapes that Beginners Can Use

There are several vapes that beginners can choose from. Given below are common types of vapes that you can use.

Pod Vapes

Pod vapes are the most commonly used for beginners since they are simple, making them ideal for vape beginners. There are two kinds of pod systems – Open Pod Systems and Closed Pod Systems. Closed pod systems are pre-filled; You only insert a pre-filled pod and vape. Open pod systems come with completely refillable pods making it easy to add any flavor of your choice and vape. Closed pod systems are easy to use, have a longer battery life because they don’t consume too much power, and are easily accessible as they are sold in most places. On the other hand, Open pod systems let you pick the flavor of your choice, help you lower your nicotine intake as you can choose an e-liquid with lower nicotine, and can be refilled and reused. 

Pod vapes are easy to maintain. You only need to replace the pods or coils and refill the e-juice. Pod vapes don’t come with fancy screens or consoles, making them easy to use. They only have switches to turn them on or off and fire. 

Vape Pens

Vape pens are another excellent choice for beginners. They are ideal for anyone who wants to quit smoking and move to a healthier habit. Vape pens are thin pen-style systems that stimulate the feeling of smoking. They provide a vapor production similar to cigarettes. Vape pens are typically compact and thin. They come in a cylindrical shape that looks like a cigarette. Vape pens don’t produce large amounts of vapor. Another thing that you can consider trying is vape rig that is even more powwrful than dap pens.

Some vapes come with a cylindrical mouthpiece that is similar to cigarette butts. That is why vape pens are considered ideal, especially if you are trying to quit smoking, as they give you the same feeling of puffing on a cigarette.

Box Mods

Box mods are more advanced than other vaping devices because of their various features like adjustable wattage, removable batteries, short circuit protection, temperature control, built-in Ohm reader, and LED/OLED touch screens. Box mods have a longer battery life as they come with removable batteries. You can carry spare batteries with you and switch them on the go. Since box mods have a higher wattage, they produce better vapor and clouds. Some box mods also come with built-in circuit boards that let you control wattage, temperature, and other settings like puff counter and theme. 

Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes became famous in 2020 and have become the go-to option for many beginner vapers. Disposable vapes are the simplest devices of all vapes and come in various flavors. You don’t have to change coils, refill the vape juice, change pods, or even charge the devices. You only need to vape and then throw the device once done. 

Choosing the Perfect Vape Kit

It is important to pick the right vape strength while choosing a vaping kit. The amount of nicotine in your e-liquid is critical, especially if you transition from smoking to vaping. The level on the bottle is usually how much nicotine you will get per 1 ml of vape juice. If you were a heavy smoker, it is ideal to start on a high nicotine level and then lower it slowly. If you smoke about one pack a day, go for middle-range strength. Light smokers can go for minimal strength nicotine in their vape juice. If you are not transitioning from smoking, you can get e-liquid with 0 mg strength and dilute it further down.

While you can choose from various vaping devices today, it is best to pick devices that come with a built-in circuit board that prevents short circuits and battery overheating. Check out online stores like Sherlocks to choose the perfect Sherlock pipes for weed. They offer a wide range of vaping kits for beginners and seasoned vapers.