Some time ago, a very interesting publication about the research of American scientists in the field of audio master music was publish in the scientific publication Social Psychological and Personality Science at A number of experiments made it possible to identify a certain type of work that awakens in a person a sense of power and their own power.


Many famous football players, tennis players, swimmers and other athletes listen to music from headphones with a detached look before a responsible exit. This behavior is not unique to athletes. Many people at an important moment in their lives, whether it’s an exam, a conversation with an employer, or just the need to take a decisive step, also try to tone themselves up with the help of music. A certain piece of music can cheer up a person, fill him with self-confidence and not allow him to give in before making a difficult decision.

pure experiment

Researchers at Northwestern American University conducted the following study. First, the participants of the experiment were asked to listen to several pieces of music, each of which lasted no more than 30 seconds and belonged to different genres. For example, classical, rock, hip-hop, country. Then those who underwent this test were asked to mark the tunes that had the strongest impact on their sense of self-confidence.

It turned out that “We will rock you” by the cult band Queen and 2 Unlimited’s “Get ready for this” have the most powerful impact. The main task of scientists was to identify objective reasons that explain the influence of these tracks. With the help of psychoanalytic tests, it was found that the self-perception of the experimental group directly depends on the music offered to them.

Then the subjects had to read the text of the composition without music. It turned out that the words of the songs are not an essential motivation for the emergence of the necessary sensations of power.

Bass influence

In order to find convincing facts explaining this psychological influence, scientists began to study the individual components that make up the overall musical structure. A whole series of experiments has proven the essential role of bass in creating the above sensations. Northwestern University specialist Dennis Hsu confirmed in his report the actions of colleagues who, working on the study of basses of different levels, found that it was in combination with basses that vocals evok a healthy sense of superiority and self-confidence in listeners.

During the study, the participants in the experiment were give new tracks to test. These were pieces of instrumental music with different levels of bass. After completing the task, the subjects shared their feelings from the material they listened to. Then they pass a special test, which was suppose to determine the subconscious component of the musical impact.

Participants exposed to bass-heavy tunes achieved much higher scores, demonstrating a sense of self-confidence, than those exposed to light bass tunes.

Perfect discoveries did not become a reason for the termination of experiments. On the contrary, only the continuation of such research will help to achieve the maximum effect of using music for practical purposes.