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There are various types of blankets you would find in a hotel; one of which is a duvet that most people confuse with hotel comforters. Well, comforters are single piece blankets, their covers are attached to the quilt. While a duvet’s cover is interchangeable and the quilt part is not attached to it. When choosing a hotel quilt, you need to understand what kind of duvet do hotels use; when you’re making a purchase for your home. You want to remain comfortable just like you are in a hotel while being at home. You can even learn how to make a bed like a hotel to visually add to your room. A comfortable duvet and aesthetic bed style, always a great combination to make your personal bedroom look amazing. 

Features of Hotel Duvets 

When choosing a duvet for your home, these are some of the features you need to look out for. These are some characteristics that help a hotel manage their hotel duvet and make them look aesthetic at all times.  

White Hotel Quilt

When it first comes to what duvets do hotels use, well, the one thing we can all agree on, is that they’re all white in color. You would see most hotels using white bedding and blankets to go with them. White is a common hotel quilt cover because spotting dirt on that color is easy, and it looks fresh from afar. You can easily find white duvet covers for your home that give the same feeling that of a hotel. The hotel quilt part of the duvet is usually white from the beginning and matching the cover doesn’t take much time. 

Many people have also claimed to sleep better when the bedding and covers are all white. You can try it for yourself. 

Comfortable Material 

Understanding what kind of duvet do hotels use is not that difficult as most duvets are manufactured using a polycotton blend. What duvets do hotels use depends on the hotel comforters’ budget as 100% cotton usually costs more and that too for the duvet covers. You can easily find very comfortable polycotton hotel quilt covers from suppliers such as DZEE Textiles that provide; high-quality and comfortable duvet inserts and duvet covers. You don’t even have to spend much to get the best material duvet covers for yourself. The duvet insert’s filling need could be 100% polyester but when you have virgin fiber, it is just much more comfortable. 

When understanding how to make a bed like a hotel with your duvet at home, all you need is a clean duvet cover, the material if high-quality will look aesthetic anyways. 

Institutional Laundering 

Managing a hotel quilt at home is not difficult because most hotel comforters, quilts, and duvets are institutional laundering safe. Plus, you do not need to worry about washing the duvet insert regularly as the filling will get clumpy. But every once in a while, you can throw it in the washing machine and then run it in the dryer. The duvet cover on the other hand is much easier to manage and you can easily wash them regularly. When it comes to what duvets do hotels use, most prefer duvets that can easily be washed at the property and doesn’t take the housekeeping too much effort to manage it. 

You can easily make your bed once the duvet has been washed and dried without much issue. 

How To Make a Bed Like a Hotel?

Once you have your hotel style duvet sorted, making a bed that resembles that of a hotel is not difficult. You need to start with ditching the fitted sheets with flat sheets and laying that out perfectly on the mattress. A fitted sheet looks scrunched up and doesn’t give a clean look. But a high-quality fitted sheet brings out the style of your bedroom. A fitted sheet doesn’t pool and when tucked inside the mattress properly, it looks much neater and that; is exactly what a hotel prefers. Next on your list is pillows, which need to be plump and elevated. What you will need is an assortment of pillows with pillowcases that look good with your bedsheet.

Now it comes to laying your duvet. You need to ensure the cover matches with the sheets and you have to do the classic three-turn style. Lay out the duvet on the bed and balance the sides of the duvet then bring it back one-fold from the head side and then pull it forward creating layers of the duvet. It is easy to manage and looks amazing on your bed. 

How to make a bed like a hotel is simple and just takes a little bit of practice to get the fold right. 

What kind of duvet do hotels use is essential to understand whether it is a duvet, hotel comforters, or hotel quilt. What duvets do hotels use do you think? What is your tip on how to make a bed like a hotel? Let us know in the comments below.