Have you noticed that in Google search results, videos are more relevant every day? It’s time to pay more attention to how we optimize our videos on YouTube.

Nearly 2 billion users worldwide use YouTube every month to watch videos, tutorials and other content. And even though this figure is so important, not everyone is aware of the impact that this social network could have on their marketing campaigns. But what is YouTube SEO, and how does it affect an organic positioning strategy?

Did you know that 62% of businesses share content through YouTube? This has made it the second most important platform for video sharing companies, only being surpassed by Facebook. That is why you should know what YouTube SEO is and how it works. And this is the reason behind the popularity of the SMM Panel.

What is SEO on YouTube?

YouTube SEO is the application of a series of techniques that manage to position a channel or a video on YouTube so that it not only gets traffic and visibility but also generates subscribers and positions itself. 

When dealing with actions to attract organic traffic, it is essential to pay attention to details, and although creativity, video content and its quality are extremely important, within a successful YouTube SEO checklist there are also keywords, links, descriptions, titles, tags and more.

Why include YouTube in your global marketing strategy?

Search metrics performs the SEO World Ranking annually in 16 countries worldwide, and to the surprise of many, in 2020 YouTube surpassed Facebook and positioned itself as the second domain with the highest visibility within Google’s organic results, being surpassed only by Wikipedia. 

This means that a well-optimized YouTube video can succeed both on and off its platform, and if that’s not a compelling enough reason to include YouTube in your overall strategy, we don’t know what else will be. 

How does the YouTube algorithm work?

Like all algorithms, it is a system that determines which videos users prefer. Now, one of the things that makes YouTube so special is that it cares that each suggestion fits the user’s preferences, and to achieve this, it collects information about the videos they watch, the time they spend doing them, their likes and dislikes. I like the “I’m not interested”. 

The algorithm of the video platform acts very similar to that of Google in terms of SEO positioning, based on relevance, the quality of the video and its metadata (and how it matches the search) and, of course, engagement.

That is why to use YouTube as a global marketing strategist you must pay attention to the key points.

Checklist SEO YouTube

1. Keywords

Keywords are very important in YouTube SEO, as they will help you organize and give your content a better focus. Investigate keyword analysis tools and take into account what are the terms that users use to search for content? And what keywords do successful companies include in their videos? 

2. The relevance of the links

The synergy between all platforms is achieved through links. You can place them from a video on your website, and they will help users to know your brand. On the other hand, do not be afraid to share your videos on social networks or your social networks through your videos. 

3. YouTube videos in Google results

Can you imagine your video appearing in the first results of Google? It is possible by optimizing it correctly and for this, it is necessary to make an entertaining and quality video (if it is not an engaging video, users will abandon it quickly), and fill in the following fields:

  • The title: This should represent what the user is about to see. Do not stop using keywords in it and take into account both their relevance and density within the title.  
  • The description: Although they will only see it once they enter the video, the description is important for positioning, since in it you will use keywords and it is where you can link the potential client to your website. 
  • Labels: The ideal is to use between 5 and 10 labels.
  • Category: Choose a category that suits your theme.

After filling in these fields and uploading your video, what will happen is that it will gain more and more relevance, and if you have done it right, it will start to appear in Google search results. If what you want is to speed up this process, don’t forget to add it to your social networks, on your website along with an article, or send it as a newsletter.