The SKIDOS Pass is like an opening wedge, allowing parents, teachers, and children access to educational apps. SKIDOS provides a monthly, quarterly, and yearly Pass, depending on your preference. You can also try any of the three options, free, for a defined period. And if you’re considering making playtime more fun, check out and create a personalized wooden name train for your child. 

That said, SKIDOS customized learning apps cater to the learning needs and interests of kids ages 2 to 11. That way, they can learn, revise new concepts, have fun, build new skills, and more. Here’s a more in-depth look at what the Pass offers. 

1. Assortment of Apps 

Every child is different, meaning they might need alternative approaches to learning. Some kids learn best by listening to audio recordings, others prefer to read texts, and some are more receptive to hands-on learning. That’s why they should have a wide selection of different learning apps at their disposal. 

A SKIDOS Pass allows unlimited access to 40+ educational apps for younglings. The apps are compatible with iOS & Android, meaning kids can learn and sharpen their skills easily while playing on their mobile devices. The many different options mean parents can help their young ones find apps matching their learning styles.  

And oh, having a variety of apps to choose from helps keep kids motivated and engaged in their learning. After all, they can always find an app that piques their interest.

Plus, the fact that kids have a short concentration span is common knowledge: one moment, they are engaging deeply in one activity, and before you know it, they are waltzing across the floor with their newfound friend! So, if you’re looking for ways to help your child learn, A SKIDOS Pass might help you achieve the goal. 

If you have more than one child, the Pass has you covered. Each Pass allows up to six users, meaning no child in the family will feel left out. They can all grab their favorite mobile devices and focus on what matters to them- having fun while learning to navigate the various games. And best of all, they learn while at it.

2. Interactive Approach to Learning 

Interactive learning apps offer an engaging way for kids to learn new things. They also provide an excellent opportunity for parents to bond with their kids while helping them learn. Besides, teachers can have an easier time while trying to help learners wrap their heads around new subjects. 

Multiple apps allow you to download your child’s favorite educational program on their tablet or mobile device. By so doing, your child can develop essential skills like problem-solving and critical thinking as they play. What’s more, these apps are designed by experienced educators, so you can be confident your child is getting quality instruction.

The library of apps makes learning fun for kids. This can be especially pivotal to honing skills in complex subjects like mathematics or coding. In so doing, fun and interactive games help take the edge off the learning process. That way, children are less likely to zone out when trying to learn new and sometimes difficult concepts.

3. Tracking of Learners’ Progress

There’s no doubt that learning apps can significantly help improve a child’s skills. By providing feedback (in the form of weekly progress reports) on aspects like concentration levels and academic competence, SKIDOS apps make it much easier for parents and teachers to track their learner’s progress. In turn, educators can better meet a child’s learning needs or tweak their programs to address existing shortfalls better. 

And with so many different apps available, one is sure to be perfect for every child. Whether it’s a game to help with language skills or a video to teach older children about a particular subject, learning apps are a great way to ensure your child gets the most out of their education.

4. Safe Screen Time

Screen time is a necessary part of modern life, but ensuring it is safe and educational for children is critical. SKIDOS apps are designed specifically for kids, focusing on safety and learning. The apps are age-appropriate and contain no harmful content. They are also packed with educational games and activities that help kids learn about math, reading, tracing, and other core subjects. 

Along the same lines, moderate app use is critical- and aligns with what the designers have in mind. So, kids will not get addicted or spend too much time staring at screens. With SKIDOS apps, parents can feel confident their children are getting the safe, educational screen time they need.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and educational way to spend quality time with your kids, get the SKIDOS Pass. And by investing in your child’s education, you’ll be sowing a seed that will provide lifelong benefits.