Fort Lauderdale is known for its lovely beaches and serene beauty, but the impact of natural calamities makes life difficult for the property owners. In case of any property damage, the owners have to resort to the claiming of the insurance. Occasionally the process of attaining the proper insurance coverage becomes quite complicated. Herein lies the role of a Public Adjuster in Pompano Beach, as their intervention in the process makes the task easier for the property owners. If you are from Fort Lauderdale and wondering whether you should hire a public adjuster or not, you must read this article to get a clear idea about his role. It will make you realize the importance of hiring a public adjuster.

Public Adjuster

The person whom the property owners call ProFloridian Claims Consultants to negotiate the insurance coverage claim is known as a public adjuster. As the name defines, he adjusts and manages the insurance claims on behalf of the public. Here he acts as a mediator between the insurance company and the property owner.

The procedure of finally receiving the insurance claim is quite complicated and involves various terms and conditions. If the person making a claim can put forward a convincing case, the company pays the amount. Hence it sometimes becomes difficult for a non-specialist to handle these complicated legal aspects. Thus, it requires the professional intervention of a public adjuster like AllCity Adjusting who is well versed with the rules and conditions of claiming insurance coverage.

Sometimes people develop the wrong notion that the public adjuster is an employee of the insurance company. On the contrary, he works for the public. The US Government licenses the public adjusters, and they aim to fetch favorable results for their clients. They strive to guarantee the compensation and also aim to ensure the most profitable deal.

Role of a Public Adjuster

The role of a Public Adjuster in Pompano Beach is undeniable. The main aim of a public adjuster is to:

  • Make thorough scrutiny of the level of damage inflicted on the property to understand what circumstances had led to such a situation. The public adjuster verifies whether the property was damaged, destroyed, any item was stolen or misplaced or not. Most importantly, he delves into the reason behind the situation. It is essential to learn each detail because each information proves crucial in building the case in favor of the owner to attain the compensation amount finally. Hence it is advisable to keep the damaged property untouched before the survey of the public adjuster.
  • The public adjuster describes the level of damage and finds out the date of establishing the property and other details related to it. He records the property’s age, the degree of damage, and description to convey these to the insurance company. He uses these details to convince the company. The public adjuster also suggests the property owners about the next course of action prevent the further worsening of the level of damage. He also recommends the restoration methods and suggests whether things are to be replaced or repaired.
  • A public adjuster tries to ensure a fair settlement of the insurance coverage claim and prepare all related documents and arrange all pieces of evidence collected for strengthening the case for the client. Moreover, the public adjuster also informs the client about the pros and cons of the case and maintains transparency. Most importantly, he handles every responsibility related to the case, thereby making the process easier for the client.
  • If any untoward situation arises due to any disagreement with the insurance company, the public adjuster handles the situation using his expertise and experience. When the company denies the claim or settles for a lesser amount of compensation, the public adjuster manages the complexities to turn things in favor of his clients. In most situations, the public adjuster succeeds in attaining a better settlement for the property owners as they handle all complex cases.


The role of a Public Adjuster in Pompano Beachproves that it is better to let the professionals handle the nuances of the insurance claims. For a lay person, the negotiation process might become complicated and jeopardize the owner’s interests. The public adjuster’s legal know-how and experience can only help clients get the best compensation deal from the insurance companies.