A Haitian party seems incomplete without their traditional drink Kremas. The parties, carnivals, and parades of the island of Haiti reflect its unique culture. The ethnic groups adhere to their culture and way of living, and if you visit Haiti, you will witness the beauty of their traditions and enjoy Haitian cuisines. One of the prominent aspects of their business is the sweet alcoholic beverage Kremas. The recipe of Haitian Kremas varies from one person to other in Haiti as each has his preference regarding the ingredients and spices. The sweet taste of the drink appeals to the ones having a sweet -tooth. If you wish to buy kremas online, you can do so via Saveurs Lakay website.

The drink has a creamy consistency which is created by the mixture of condensed milk and coconut cream. It has an off-white color that turns beige with the addition of alcohol in it. Often people refer to it as a milkshake or a Christmas eggnog. However, it has no egg in it. The drink is generally served chilled with ice cubes to balance the sweet taste. The best accompaniment of the Kremas is pastries and cakes. During Christmas, it is served along with cookies and pastries. It is the best choice for the holiday season, and people raise a toast with bottles of Kremas. Its popularity has crossed the island of Haiti and has traveled to the USA. Nowadays, you can easily order them online and get them delivered to your doorstep within two to three days.

Ingredients for making Haitian Kremas

The homemade Kremas have unique flavors, and they are easy to make. So you can make a batch of this drink and store it for the holiday season. There are different options in creating a variety of flavors. The popular choice of ingredients includes condensed milk, evaporated milk,1 liter of white rum, two cups of sugar granules, water, 3-4 cinnamon sticks, coconut cream, vanilla extract, nutmeg, almond extract, ground cinnamon, lemon, salt. These items add to the sweet taste of the drink. You can also use the sugar syrup if you want the drink’s texture to be fine without any sugar lump formation.

Process of making Haitian Kremas

At first, you need to mix the granulated sugar with the cinnamon sticks, add the entire mixture in water in a saucepan, and put it to medium heat. Then you have to allow the sugar to dissolve, but you must be careful not to turn brown. Next, the sugar syrup is formed, transferred to an enormous container, and allowed to cool. If you are not using ready-made sugar syrup, you can thus create the sugar syrup.

When the sugar syrup cools, you can add the alcohol and whisk it to mix it well. The alcohol is flammable, and thus you must do it away from the heat. Next, the sweet condensed milk is added to the mixture and is thoroughly mixed with a steady heat so that the milk does not form curd. Next, you have to repeat the exact process with evaporated milk, and ten coconut cream is to be added. The cream forms the thick consistency of the drink. In the end, you have to add vanilla and almond extracts followed by nutmeg, cinnamon, salt, and lime zest. Now you have to set aside the drink for around two hours to allow all the ingredients t mix and the spices to release the flavors. Finally, you can strain the mixture and collect the drink using a sieve. Then you can use a funnel to transfer the drink into bottles or glasses. Before serving, you can garnish with some nutmeg.

Conclusion The recipe of Haitian Kremas is relatively easy, and you can store them easily. It would be best if you kept them in a cold place to store them in bottles in your refrigerator. The shelf life of the drink increases due to the presence of alcohol in it. However, exposure to different temperatures might affect its longevity. If you have not served it once or opened the bottle, you can store it safely for even a year. If you keep the Kremas in the fridge for a long time, they may form some lumps due to the coconut cream. Nonetheless, you can store them and relish their exquisite taste for an extended period. Finally, you can learn how to make cremas via this Haiti Open Magazine Haitian Kremas recipe.