About 70% of brand marketing managers prioritize building an audience over generating and converting sales. Companies that blog generate nearly 70% more leads than those that don’t, too. With press release distribution, you can build an audience and generate leads.

What is the purpose of writing a press release, exactly? Keep reading to find out.

After reading this guide, you can recognize the benefits of writing press releases for your business. Then, you can set your brand up for growth and success.

Discover a new way to boost your brand. Keep reading to learn more about press release writing today!

What is a Press Release?

Before you can understand the purpose of press release writing, it helps to understand a little more about them.

Press releases are official statements you can give to the press. A few common press release outlets include:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Radio programs
  • TV news programs
  • Blogs
  • Influencers
  • Online publications

Written press releases are usually 500-words. It’s important to condense your press release into a page. You’ll want to remove unnecessary fluff from your press release before sending it to a publication.

Otherwise, you could fail to get the press releases message across.

You can see this article to learn more about what press releases entail.

Your press release will give media outlets the information they need to create an official news story on the subject. As a business, writing a press release allows you to control the narrative.

You can ensure news outlets have the information you want them to use in a story.

When distributing your press releases, you’ll need to send each publication a pitch email. The pitch will summarize the press release’s content.

You can decide whether to send your press releases for immediate release or delayed-release. Press release distribution can help you gain immediate news coverage. Your brand can gain the exposure it needs, allowing you to appear in front of your target audience.

The Purpose

What exactly is the purpose of writing a press release, then?

For many businesses, the main purpose is promoting a specific event or moment in a company’s history.

You can expand your promotional reach while ensuring media outlets receive the right story. In other words, you control the narrative. Ensuring you reach your target audience can help you attract ideal customers, too.

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You can use press release writing to inform readers of an upcoming event or highlight an accomplishment. Once publications receive the story, other news outlets might pick it up. You’ll continue expanding your reach, giving your marketing efforts a boost.

Topics to Cover

Before you start writing a press release, it’s important to consider the topic you want to cover. Your press release should have a singular focus. Otherwise, you could risk losing the reader’s attention.

Almost 80% of content marketers use press releases as part of their content marketing strategy. Here are a few reasons you might consider press release distribution:

  • Changing the ownership of a company
  • Sponsoring an event or business
  • Changing the company or product name
  • Receiving an endorsement or award
  • Making a contribution to a charity
  • Starting a sister company
  • Speaking at an upcoming conference
  • Signing a large, recognizable client
  • Announcing new products or services
  • Hiring a new executive
  • Partnering with another business
  • Doing pro bono work
  • Developing new technology
  • Exhibiting at a trade show
  • A merger, acquisition, or expansion
  • Gaining new credentials or a certification

You should also start writing a press release if you need to respond to a crisis. In these instances, it’s important to create your press release for immediate release. Remember, you want to control the narrative.

Writing a press release in these instances also allows you to remain transparent. You can show consumers you’re aware of the problem and planning to react right away.

Otherwise, consumers might struggle to trust your business.

Benefits of Sending Press Releases

When understanding why you should write a press release, it helps to identify how press releases can benefit your business, too.

Here are a few ways press release distribution can benefit your company long-term.

Boost Brand Awareness

Press release distribution can help you gain immediate exposure.

Without a marketing strategy, consumers might never get the chance to learn about your business. They might decide they can’t trust your business if they don’t know who you are. Instead, you can use press releases to gain immediate exposure.

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With press releases, you can appear in front of your target audiences on their favorite media outlets. You’ll have an easier time reaching a broader audience. Brand awareness and recognition will start to grow.

Consumers will start learning about your brand and what you have to offer.

Then, they can visit your website to explore your brand and offerings.

By writing a press release, you can gain new marketing channels. Generating web traffic from multiple sources can benefit your search engine optimization (SEO). As your SEO ranking rises, you’ll appear in front of more customers.

Then, you can gain even more brand awareness and web traffic.

Increase Sales and Leads

As you gain media coverage, you can generate more website traffic and brand awareness. You could start generating more leads and sales as a result.

Remember, people won’t choose your business if they don’t know who you are. Gathering more information could make them comfortable enough to start shopping.

You can use press releases to tease a new product or service. Then, you can generate advanced sales. Either way, your ROI could start to rise.

Gain Credibility

Without credibility, you’ll struggle to remain competitive. Appearing in well-known publications could boost your brand’s credibility.

You can use press release writing to demonstrate your experience and expertise. Your accomplishments could establish you as a thought leader in the industry, too.

Establishing your credibility could help you build brand trust and loyalty. You can leverage brand trust to generate more sales. Brand loyalty can help you retain long-term customers, too.

Your ROI will improve as a result.

Gain More Media Coverage: Understanding the Purpose of Writing a Press Release

Writing a press release could give your business the competitive advantage you’re looking for. Step in front of your target audience. Consider using a press release distribution service to get started today.

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