If you start your YouTube channel, your first short term goal should be to build an audience higher than 300. Yes, as per the new YouTube algorithm until a video is played intentionally, it is not taken as a count. 

The first 300 views on the channel are not accountable. After 300, any of the surplus pictures would be taken as a count, if it is correct as per the YouTube algorithm. 

Gone are the days, when you upload a video, it turns immediately into a sensation on the platform. Well, that does not mean that you can get the required viewers and subscribers, and you would think of alternatives to Buy Real YouTube Views. 

No, you can build your audience with effective marketing techniques. All you require is consistency in marketing if you are sure about the quality of content on your channel. 

301 is Not a Glitch, But a Method to Count Genuine Viewers:

Well, most of the time it is observed for most of the business owners on YouTube that the count of views freezes to 301. It is to ensure that the quality of the platform is maintained. 

After 301, there is an analysis of every YouTube channel to verify the content on the channel. If the quality of the content is appropriate, the channel owners are having no bots, if they Buy Real YouTube Views to increase the count of viewers and subscribers. 

The YouTube team does a complete quality check of the channel manually. After this, the count increases depending on the number of times the video is played. 

If you think, you can increase the views of your channel by repeatedly watching it yourself, that is also not true. If the subscribers and traffic on your channel remain constant for a long time and you try to increase the watch hours; it will not be possible. 

YouTube has a track for everyone and everything to ensure that the platform consists of quality content only. Apart from that, if multiple views were coming from the same IP address, you would not see the increase and decrease in the number of views. The count will freeze. It does not mean that likes, dislikes, and comments are not allowed; it is just paused to block the repeated views. 

Even if you are playing, repeatedly, make sure you log in from different accounts, and different ids to account for a view on your YouTube channel.

In a Nutshell:

You can Buy Real YouTube Views, but you cannot increase your views or watch hours through that. If you want to excel on the YouTube platform, you must be aware of the recent updates in the YouTube algorithm. 

If you are in a myth, you along with your friends and family can increase the subscribers, and viewers; it will not help. Also, for monetisation minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours are essential. Stay focussed to make your YouTube channel successful.