Nearly all young women agree that the Perfect Diary eyeshadow palettes are a worthwhile investment for their makeup collections. Some women would even go so far as to purchase all of the most popular eyeshadow shades to ensure they didn’t miss out.

In light of this, we have provided straightforward instructions on the best eyeshadow palette that will work best for you and some tips on creating looks ideal for the aesthetic statements of your makeup.

Best Selling Perfect Diary Eyeshadow Palette Options

1.   Explorer Eyeshadow Palette

This series of eyeshadow palettes are both sophisticated and affordable. It is available in eleven distinct color variations, each of which features a matte finish that can be blended with metallic hues.


  • 10 different dreamy color variations and 11 palettes to choose from.
  • With a free cute double-headed brush and mirror in the package.

Tips to achieve a Gorgeous look:

  • Use this palette for a subtle and natural look.
  • Blend a lighter shade as your base, then use a darker shade on the sides of your eyes to create depth and a dramatic look that is light and perfect for every day.
  • A dash of shimmer or glitter on the eyes’ inner corners will pull off this look.

2.   Butterfly Explorer Eyeshadow Palette

This eyeshadow palette looks like a fantasy butterfly. Perfect for evening parties, promenades, and close-up photographs. This series also includes 14 unique sets, each containing 12 stunning colors.


  • Produces a shimmering pearlized effect without losing the matte shades.
  • With a free cute double-headed brush and mirror in the package.

Tips to achieve a Gorgeous look:

  • A play on pastels and glitter is all the rage these days as fashion trends are reliving the 90’s teeny bopper looks.
  • Feel Free to use a light shimmering color in the palette as your base, and don’t be afraid to apply it thick enough to the eyelids.
  • From there, use a darker shade that compliments the glittered color base of the eyes but only applies it to half of the eyelid for a dual-tone effect.

3.   Stardust Perfect Diary Eyeshadow

Perfect Diary has developed eyeshadow palettes that are simple yet creative. It contains nine different colors. It is also the most cost-effective option for ladies to go with.


  • It gives a satin, matte, metallic, and glitter finish through its elegantly pigmented colors.
  • The eyeshadow sets are lightweight to use and last throughout the day.

Tips to achieve a Gorgeous look:

  • A more professional and business aesthetic in color and hues.
  • To create a look, start by applying a dark hue of eyeshadow lightly on the eyelid right off the bat.
  • Secondly, blend a lighter and glitter-infused color and hue on top of the eyelid to create a shimmering halo effect that is sure to pull off a subtle and formal look.

4.   Fantasist Eyeshadow Palette

There are two sets to choose from in this series, one is for warm-toned skin with hues of Orange, Hawthorn, and Apricot, and the other is for cold-tone with hues of Smoky Red, Snow, and Peach.


  • Inspired by SIHEYUAN – a Chinese cultural courtyard while it is in celebration of the colorful and fun festivities happening in Chinese New Year.
  • Two sets to choose from, each having 16 shades of glitters and shade to make your day better.

Tips to achieve a Gorgeous look:

  • In exploring this unique and culturally inspired palette, you cannot miss out on hitting the mark.
  • Start by choosing palettes that almost have the same hue that runs from light to dark to achieve an almost ombre and multicolor look that is light and subtle.
  • With the glitter hues of the palette, you can lightly brush it on top of your eyelids, making the ombre color of your eyeshadow sparkle.

5.   Jude Rabbit Eyeshadow Palette

One of their best-sellers. It features 12 different tones that range from excellent to warm. The lightweight feel of the makeup on the skin also contributes to its extended wear time.


  • 12 goose-inspired color palettes to choose from.
  • It gives a satin, matte, metallic, and glitter finish through its elegantly pigmented colors.

Tips to achieve a Gorgeous look:

  • This palette is perfect for doing the Crane-inspired eyeshadow looks for a definite statement for your look.
  • Start by using the colors of Swamp, Reed, Beak, Fog, Reed Catkins, and Red-Crowned Crane. Apply Swamp, Reed, and Beak as bases of the look and swipe them across the eyelids in sections.
  • Then add the Fog, Reed Catkins, and Red-Crowned Crane as accents in certain areas of the eyelids and make a light swipe with an extending tip that mimics wings onto the eyelid.

6.   Raw Origin Gemstone Eyeshadow Palette

For days when we want to enhance our skin by making it look more natural. This is a great option for those who prefer lightweight to natural-looking makeup-inspired by a unique and raw gemstone design that reflects in the palette and hue.


  •  Look more natural and neutral with a natural-origin eyeshadow.
  • It contains the amino acid, which enhances the silkiness and blending attributes.

Tips to achieve a Gorgeous look:

  • A unique look for this palette is completing it with a shimmer effect.
  • To get this, apply it to the corner eye, the glitter hue on top of the natural colored base, and move outward, covering the whole section of the eyelid.
  • With the under eyes, you may thinly apply it using the same technique.


Looking for the perfect diary eyeshadow palette for you is sentimental. You need to know if it will compliment your skin and is safe to use. Hence, women need to own a nice eyeshadow to have confidence.

It is still in your best interest to purchase the palette that complements your complexion and sense of personal style the most.