David Kracov is a New York-based artist known for abstract paintings and prints. He studied at Boston University and Parsons School of Design. He is best known for his large-scale canvas paintings that explore texture and color. Two recent large-scale works, Serpents and The Gathering, have traveled to prestigious exhibition spaces worldwide.

David Kracov is one of the most influential painters in modern and contemporary art. He was born in Boston in 1968. He specializes in painting. Kracov has taken part in some of the major art exhibitions worldwide. Kracov became famous for his huge red paintings and abstract works. 

In the annals of sculpture, David Kracov’s body of work is spectacular. His sculptures feature highly detailed human anatomy, often abstracted in an unconventional manner. His sculptures are at once beautiful and disturbing, thought-provoking and visceral.

Works of David Kracov

Artists specialize in one form of art that tend to be great; there are those specializing in another type. David Kracov is the latter. The gentleman is known for being a master at all things related to art, being able to use a number of different forms of clay, and working with steel and other metals to create artistic pieces. 

People struggle in being able to believe that they have the artistic ability to create a variety of different types of art, but Kracov has proven that anything is possible. The sculptor David Kracov is famous for his realistic nudes and portraits of women. 

He studied art in New York City but went to Paris for his advanced studies. There, he learned to draw from life. Kracov felt his art was incomplete without models, and he began taking nudes of women he met on the streets.

David Kracov is an artist that can do several different pieces of artwork, using various techniques and artistic methods. The American has managed to master animation and sculpting via the use of clay and the ability to use steel and metal to create a number of other artistic designs. Kracov has had a successful art career and now uses his skills to teach others.

David Kracov’s artwork has gained him worldwide notoriety. He has decorated the homes of some of the most prominent people in Hollywood. His artwork has been purchased by individuals such as Steven Spielberg, Whoopi Goldberg, and Michael Douglas. Kracov’s artwork is recognizable because of the attention that it pays not only to detail but also to color.