Cybersport is a competition of individuals or teams on a computer game platform. At the same time, the game environment provides a platform and tools for interacting with game characters, providing equal conditions for human-to-human or team-to-team competition. This sport has:

  1. Uniform rules;
  2. Participants;
  3. Teams;
  4. Coaches;
  5. Judges;
  6. Fans;
  7. Tournaments;
  8. Commentators;
  9. Broadcasts.

Cybersport and the Modern Financial Market

The cybersport news shows that the financial market related to esports is very significant. According to the analytical site Super Data Research calculations, in 2018, the total income from esports amounted to almost $ 2 billion. In addition, the audience of viewers of cybersport competitions exceeds 400 million people. These are mostly young wealthy people who are interested in modern technologies.

The biggest profits come from tournaments held by game developers. They have the opportunity to attract the strongest world teams to participate in their tournaments. Fans of these teams are ready to purchase products with the symbols of their favorite teams and invest in watching paid broadcasts. As a rule, other tournaments are financed at advertisers’ expense.

The earnings of cybersportsmen are related to the volume of earnings from holding tournaments. For example, a top gamer in League of Legends can receive $ 120 thousand per year. In addition to the wages and prize money that the gamers receive, they also share the prize fund of the discipline among themselves.

Opportunities of the Esports Industry

The last esport news illustrates that the field of esports opens wide opportunities for creating new jobs. And for this, it is not necessary to be a professional gamer. The services of team managers’ training have begun in educational institutions in many countries and are essential for ensuring the game process. Event organizers, agents, lawyers, economists and statisticians, sales managers, journalists, PR managers, and other specialists perform a wide range of tasks.

Specialists in the development of computer games (graphic and game designers, programmers, video editors, managers, etc.) are directly related to cybersports. The industry for producing souvenir products with the symbols of esports teams and disciplines does not remain aloof. The esport news indicates that the sale of such products sometimes gives the teams more profit than the prize money received after the tournament is over.

International Recognition of Esports

According to the latest international esport news, 22 countries have recognized cybersport as an official type of sport. These are the USA, Korea, China, Japan, France, Sweden, and other countries. Germany was one of the last countries to recognize computer game-based competitions as a sport officially. The United States and China provide the greatest support for esports at the state level. A number of European countries have official esports committees. In Britain, the state supports the Esports Federation. In Denmark, an extensive experimental budget was allocated to support cybersport in the country.

Taking into account the above, it can be concluded that esports has a great future. It will continue to grow, and more cybersport games will appear yearly. Visit the esport news website and get answers to other important questions that concern you.