To keep every working environment hygienic and clean, you need to get the services of professional cleaning companies. Almost every working space can benefit from office cleaning services.

However, when it comes to medical cleaning services, the standards of cleaning and sanitation are different. For this purpose, only hire a cleaning company that provides specialized cleaning services for medical offices.

If you don’t know the difference between the two services, this is the right place for you. We have discussed in detail how they differ from each other. This will benefit you in making the right decision when you want to hire a medical cleaning company.

Disposal Requirement Is Different

Most of the stuff present in the medical offices has a high chance of contamination, which if not handled properly, can cause hazards. A company specializing in cleaning services realizes that the disposal of material in office building cleaning and medical centers is different.

They will be able to responsibly and efficiently dispose of contaminated material in the medical offices by knowing the difference. Also, the company you hire should be able to understand the rules and regulations in place to protect the confidential information of the patients, as they will have access to the area with private documents.

Sanitation Requirements are Different

Generally, when it comes to office cleaning, the equipment is shared among multiple employees, but maintaining cleanliness in such an environment is quite easy and can be done with store-bought products.

Whereas, with medical buildings, the employees and patients have a higher risk to get affected by the bacteria or illness. So, you cannot avoid the spread by simply using sanitizer or disinfecting wipes. Therefore, professional cleaning services from a company like Jan-Pro-Okc are required.

They will provide industrial-level cleaning services that help to drastically reduce the spread of such bacteria.

Frequency of Cleanliness Also Differs

Generally, the medical offices need to be professionally cleaned more frequently than any other offices for obvious reasons. If it isn’t done regularly,

the chances of exposure to the bacteria become very high. Whereas, for offices, getting cleaning services once a month is enough. In case, if it gets crowded, then you might need to do it twice.

Cleaning of Surfaces Requires More Focus in Medical Offices

For both commercial offices and medical centers, equipment like desks, printers, and kitchen appliances are very common. For office buildings, you might not need professional services to get them cleaned, but for cleaning medical facilities, this factor becomes essential.

The cleaning company should make sure to take its time to clean and disinfect all the surfaces very carefully, especially in the patient’s area. They should also use the right cleaning equipment and detergents to kill off the bacteria and prevent the spread.

To sum up, any commercial or medical office needs to be cleaned, but the latter will require more careful disinfection than the office space. The cleaning company that you hire must know the difference between the two to provide the right medical cleaning service solution for your space.

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