Need a juicer for your kitchen to make a fresh juice of seasonal fruits and veggies. For this reason, you must be choosy, so you can buy the most suitable juicer for your home. By the changing time, these juicers have also changed a lot and come in different varieties such as Cold Press Juicer, regular juicer, twin blade juicers, and many more varieties in a row of best juicers.

With the gaining popularity of these juicers, the business of making juicers has flourished on everyone or another day. Nowadays, you must explore your daily needs to buy the best juicer from the cold press and regular juicer so that it can fit your needs perfectly.

Further, gone are the days when you tap your local community market to buy these juices as various websites are available on which you can find your preferred juicers machines at a reasonable cost. So, what are you waiting for, just go through the below content to know the difference between the cold press and regular juicers:

Cold press juicer:

Juicing is the best task if you are health conscious. With the help of juicers, you can extract a variety of juices such as fruit juice, veggie juice, mixed fruit juice, and many more you like to have. Here, you need the best and most robust juicer to help you with juicing and offer you a great juicing experience.

For this purpose, you can consider a cold press juicer as it is known as the best juicer that can provide you the nutritional juice without involving excess heat. This way, the juice remains full of nutritional power. Even though cold press juicers are a great option, still it takes to time than traditional juicers to extract the juice as it contains the hydraulic press. However, it maintains the quality and provides less foamy juice.

If you extract juice with the help of the cold press juicer, it provides you with quality juice that does not contain the fiber of the pulp. This type of juice is easy to digest for everybody. Here, the question arises fiber is good for health. So, we can tell you that the soluble fiber is there to make you healthy and active. Ultimately, cold press juices are the best and most reliable option to keep the body fit and fine with loaded soluble fiber and nutritional power.


  • Not provide you the heat while operating the juicer
  • Contains the soluble fiber
  • Provide you high-quality juice
  • Contains a hydraulic press.
  • Provide you less foamy juice
  • Easy to digest juice as it does not contain the fiber and pulp
  • Maintain the nutritional power
  • Less noise


  • Juicing on these juicers is time-consuming
  • Equip more space in your kitchen
  • Too costly to afford

Regular juicers

Regular juicers are also known as Centrifugal juicers as they are the traditional way to get juices from fruits and vegetables. It contains high spinning blades and a strainer that helps in staining the juice and separating its pulp. Also, this juicer creates a lot of noise and heat while operating. 

This way, you can get the oxidization to the juices and the juice become foamy and less nutritive.

These types of juices are found in any local market at cheap rates. But, one thing that makes this juicer the best as it takes less time to extract the juices. The regular juicers equip less space in your kitchen, and their cleaning part is also easy than other juicers. If you can digest the high-fiber juice, you can adopt this juicer and keep yourself healthy and fit.

Further, these juicers are so affordable as anybody can buy them for their kitchen area. So, if you like all the above benefits, you can consider buying this regular juicer for your kitchen.


  • Contains high spinning blades and a strainer
  • Contains the high fiber
  • Regular juicers are so affordable
  • Required less time to extract juices
  • Equip less space in the kitchen


  • Create noise and heat while extracting the juice
  • Contains oxidization and provides foamy juice
  • Provide you less nutritional power of juices due to excess heat.

Buying guide:

Cold press and regular juicer, both are best in their own way. Still, we can say cold press juicers are the best and most reliable than the regular ones as they provide the required nutritional value to the juices and separate the juice slowly. Also, they create less heat and noise which make the juicing experience amazing.


The above difference provides us with a rough idea that cold press juicers are the best than regular juice. If you want a high-quality juice, you can go for cold press juicers, and if you want a cheaper price, you can choose the regular choice. They both contain their own benefits so, you can choose any juicer accordingly.