The process of bsc token listing on trading platforms is an important stage for the project, which determines its future. After listing the cryptocurrency on the exchange, the company improves its reputation and increases the number of users. Often the price of an asset rises.

Not all companies successfully pass this stage. Entering the open market – new opportunities for the further development of cryptocurrency. The launch procedure is an expensive stage for the company, which is divided into several stages.

Large exchange services put forward strict requirements. The company may be refused if site experts consider it to be of insufficient quality. Joining the auction favorably affects the level of demand for the coin.

What is the listing of cryptocurrencies on the exchange

Translated from English listing – adding to the list. In the cryptocurrency sphere, the procedure for connecting digital assets to trading on the stock exchange is implied. As a result, the coins become available for purchase and sale. After entering the quotes, the price of a coin will be influenced by market mechanisms of supply and demand.

The listing of cryptocurrencies has an important marketing value. The procedure for including cryptocurrencies in trading is often accompanied by an official statement from the developers. This draws the attention of investors and users to the company. The liquidity of a coin increases if the creators manage to attract and retain new coin holders.

How Cryptocurrency Gets Listed on Binance smart chain crypto listing?

Coin developers can start the procedure. To do this, you need to apply for the appropriate crypto exchange. The steps and requirements differ between services. The procedure is usually like this:

  1. Filling out the questionnaire. The purpose of the project, the date of creation, a link to the source code, an official information document (Whitepaper), a roadmap, and information about the developers are indicated.
  2. Analysis of the request by experts of the trading platform. Experts evaluate the profitability of the project.
  3. A special commission makes a decision to add a new asset to the list of trading resources.
  4. If approved, an agreement is signed.

Companies first apply to unpopular exchanges. Often they have softer requirements and a simpler procedure. Developers choose this strategy with the hope of a favorable result and growth of quotes, which will attract representatives of other sites. However, appeals initiated by employees of crypto exchanges are rare.


Site specialists pay attention to the following parameters when listing new cryptocurrencies:

  • Functionality. Preference is given to cryptocurrencies with practical significance. The use of a coin to solve specific problems is a plus for developers.
  • Safety. Compliance with site standards is an important factor in obtaining approval. Insufficient security of the project can lead to hacking, which will affect the reputation.
  • Team professionalism. Some sites ask for information about developers and their achievements.
  • Compliance of the project with legal requirements.
  • Prelisting results. After the project has been evaluated by experts, a vote is held among the users of the trading platform. The results of the survey affect the speed of consideration by the commission. Cryptocurrencies that receive the most votes are studied first.


Getting a project on the trading platform does not guarantee that it will stay there forever. The service can conduct a delisting – exclusion of a company from the resource. You can remove a coin from the site for several reasons:

  • Regulatory changes.
  • Crypto project hack.
  • Trader complaints.
  • Developers do not adhere to the development plan.
  • Lack of price growth for a long time.
  • Low liquidity.
  • Non-compliance with the rules of the crypto exchange.
  • Developer scam.

If the price often rises when an asset is included in trading, then delisting negatively affects the rate. The removal of cryptocurrencies from the trading platform is perceived negatively by traders. Users understand that the project is unpromising and sell the asset.