Almost all Instagram users who like to upload images and videos are interested in the accounts of their friends, family, celebrities, favorite brands, and other notable people and organizations. When you first open the Instagram app, you will most likely navigate through your feed to see what your subscribers have been up to on the social media platform. If you switch on the “heart” symbol, you will be able to see all of the posts made by users, as well as their “likes” and any follow-ups they have made in the following flow.

Something happens, though, if you wish to know who has liked what on Instagram?

How to find out what someone is interested in on Instagram

When it comes to inquiries such as “how to see someone’s Instagram activity,” there are just a few options to choose from. The most often recommended method is to make advantage of the above-mentioned feed. You must first click on the “love” icon, then click on “follow” and search through the activities taken by the individual whose behavior you wish to track and watch. Due to the Instagram algorithm exposing just a limited amount of actions, this method is time-consuming, and there is no assurance that you will be able to uncover all of the likes and tricks done by a single user.

Some Instagram users want to see if a certain person is online at any given time. This is especially significant for marketers and bloggers who are researching the active hours to answer can you see what other people liked on Instagram. In the Instagram programed, there is a unique feature called the online activity status, which reveals whether or not the user is connected to the internet. However, if you have not sent any messages for this user, the online status is not particularly relevant because it is only active in direct chats with this user. Another disadvantage is that an Instagram user can turn off the online status function, which means that you will not be able to see when the user logs into the app and does specific tasks. The Instagram activity tracker is a more convenient method to keep track of someone’s Instagram activity without exerting too much work. It allows you to check up the user’s activity periods by using the / strong>. Snoopreport is a reporting tool.

You will no longer be required to look for each item in its source; instead, simply enter the account login will suffice. You will receive a report including the user actions that were conducted during that particular week within one week. The information offered by the service is quite accurate, with a success rate of about 95%.

Marketers and data analysts will find the Snoopreport tool to be particularly handy at first. It delivers a plethora of stats that are not available through the Instagram programme. In addition to simple statistics such as “likes,” “comments,” and the following, which are all set by Instagram users, the reports give information on the users’ interests, as well as the time of day. The amount of activity, the hashtags of the most popular posts. Besides that, Snoopreport also allows you to obtain user activities in a chronological manner in CSV format where more information is available: geolocation, like back, favorite post captions, and so on.

It is also appropriate for individual users: parents can monitor their children’s activities to prevent them from engaging in cyberbullying or creating suspicious accounts; users can monitor their friends and loved ones to learn about their preferences and get ideas for good gifts; or you can simply follow what your favorite celebrity or blogger likes on Instagram and follow them back;

The best way to keep up with someone’s activities on Instagram

To begin monitoring an Instagram account, you must first select a subscription plan from among the available options. They change depending on the amount of accounts that you intend to track, which might range from 2, 10, or 100 accounts. You will need to enter your Instagram login and select the chosen account from a drop-down list after you have completed the purchase process. The monitoring process begins immediately, and you will receive weekly and monthly reports that include user likes, comments on likes, follow-ups, tags in the cloud, and other information.