If you want to send an email to someone then it is very important that the email will be delivered successfully to the right person. There are billions of email addresses available in the world and many of the email holders have the same name. So, it becomes difficult to search the exact email of a person online. For email marketing companies target the right audinecto promote their product. 

To execute this work, it is very important for a business to have plenty of email addresses for targeted audiences. So, businesses try to find the targeted audience and their email address to promote their products. Well, finding an email address is not a cup of tea. In this article we’re going to discuss the best ways to find email. So, without tasting any time let’s get started. 

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#1. Using an Email Finding Tools

Email finding tools is one of the most commonly used tools for finding an email address. Email Lookup Tools is considered as the platform on which you can search the email address of anyone by searching it’s name. You can also search the email address of any website here. Finding a lookup tools platform is very easy. You can easily get the top rated lookup tools on Google. It is a paid service, you can do some free searches but it is limited accordingly. After that you have to pay for the service. 

If you want to get a recommendation of top rated email lookup platforms then see then follow the below content:- 

  • Find that Email:- This platform is one of the leading platforms by which you can enjoy 50 free searches per month. After charging $29 the quantity of searches increased up to 500 searches. It is not costly because you just have to pay $0.058 per search. 
  • Finder Expert:- Finder expert is also a great Email lookup platform. This platform will provide 300 searches per month without any charges. After completing 300 successful searches you have to pay $39 per month which allows you to complete 5000 searches per month. 
  • Snov.io:- This platform is quite similar to the Find That Email platform. This platform provides 50 free searches. This platform charges only $29 to allow for 1000 single searches and 500 bulk searches. 
  • Find emails.com:- Find emails.com provides 50 free trial searches and after that take charge of $19 per month for 500 searches. 

So, these are the best Email lookup platforms by which you can execute your email search. Let me tell you one more thing that the search results of Email Lookup platforms are not 100% accurate. This can be differentiated accordingly. 

#2. Use of “@domainname.com” on DuckDuckGo

If you’re not comfortable by using Email lookup platforms then you may search the required email address on some other browser. This process is very handy and provides accurate results in second. You just have to write the domain of the platform like ‘@domainname.com‘. This search must be done on DuckDuckGo platform. Once you search for the domain then you’ll get the exact email address of the person of the searched website in seconds. So, you can easily note down the email and send all the details you want to send. This is not a paid service so you can search as many times as you can. 

#3 Twitter

Many few people know that Twitter will also be very helpful for finding the email address of someone. People use their email account to use Twitter. The availability of email on Twitter is very beneficial for creating their Twitter Bio. Well, I hide their emails from both they use “dot” and “at”. To find someone’s email on twitter you just have to enroll for the advanced search. At this option you just have to go to the columns with your requirements and with the details to which you want to find. After searching, you’ll get the required results. You can tweet that person and wait for their required replay.  You can also connect with them for doing direct messages. 

Note:- Check out your own list
This can happen if the person you’re finding is a subscriber of your newsletter. In this case, it becomes easier to find the email address of someone. So, make sure to check out your own list before finding the email address of someone anywhere.

#4. WHOIS Lookup

WHOIS Lookup is also a great platform by which you can easily find someone’s email. This platform runs by law and according to it everyone has to share their contact details at this platform. So, If you’re looking for an entrepreneur, business owner, or any other person, you can easily find their email address with the help of their domain. The data of WHOIS lookup is used while registered to a domain with public availability. Not only this, you can also find the information of your contact on this platform. 

To search someone’s email, you just have to enroll in the platform and type the name of the domain. After searching, you’ll get the results in seconds. Users will also be facilitated with the option of hiding their personal data but it totally depends on the user. So, if you’re looking to find someone’s email address then you should visit this platform. 

#5 Google

You can easily search the email address of your prospect in Google. By adding the domains and name of the person you’ll be able to get the required contact information like Email in seconds. Suppose you search for an entrepreneur on Google and you’ll reach their website. Then it becomes very easy to find the email address of that person. This is the most common way of searching someone’s email. If you have little more information about your prospect then you can also go with Google search operator. This option will be used only if you’re facing difficulties in finding the email address of a person on Google. 


So, here we discussed the best ways by which you can easily find the email address of someone. All the above suggested ways will help you to get the exact results of the email addresses which you want in seconds. So, don’t wait and just go and complete your email search now.