Sleep helps improve human health in several ways; it helps to revitalize and recharge the body and the brain. However, very few people get the required amount of sleep, about 7 to 9 hours daily. This is usually due to various factors, including psychological problems and physical ones like a lousy pillow.

A good pillow makes a big contribution towards helping people get better sleep. This is why experts advise that you should choose a pillow that’ll keep the head and neck in a neutral or straight position. However, not everyone can use the same type of pillow. Thus, choosing the best pillow for your sleeping position is necessary when searching for the best pillows near me at Sleep Essentials.

Types Of Sleep Position

Before going ahead to shop for your pillow, it is important to consider your sleeping positions and note the type of pillow compatible with them. 

Here are some of the most common sleeping positions;

  • Side Sleeping Position

A person who frequently sleeps on either the right or left side of the body is called a side sleeper. Most side sleepers love to hug a pillow and also tuck a pillow in between their head and shoulder. If a person notices flattened hair on one side after a long sleep, it could indicate that such a person is a side sleeper. Side sleepers usually require thick pillows to fill up their head and shoulder spaces.

Also, side sleepers should consider the firmness of their pillows. Side sleepers need soft but firm pillows to keep the neck well-aligned with the body. If a side sleeper uses a pillow that’s too soft, such a person might develop a stiff neck in the morning. 

  • Stomach Sleeping Position

The stomach sleeping position is also known as the prone position. A stomach sleeper lies flat on their chest with the whole body face down on the mattress. Though stomach sleeping is an unhealthy sleeping position, using suitable pillows can help minimize the health risks. 

Stomach sleepers require some extra thinner pillows. The pillow will help align the spine properly and provide adequate support to the head.

  • Back Sleep Position

The back sleeper enjoys the position because it helps to prevent back pain. Back sleepers sleep with their backs lying on the mattress and their bodies facing up. The back sleeping position isn’t conducive to deep sleep, but you can have a restful sleep with suitable pillows and a mattress. A back sleeper should use at least two pillows; one pillow should be positioned underneath the head or neck, and the second pillow should be placed beneath the knees. The best pillows for a back sleeper should be a medium-firm pillow. 

The Best Pillows Available In The Market

  • Latex Pillows

Latex pillows are hypoallergenic pillows made from natural rubber latex. They provide excellent support for the head and neck and help to relieve pressure in the joints and spine. Latex pillows are soft, moldable, breathable, and cozy. Latex pillows come in a variety, with some made with shredded materials like Shredded Latex “FLUFF” Pillow. Another variety of latex pillows is made with a solid material, such as the GOLS Natural Latex Pillow. They’re both durable and eco-friendly. Latex pillows are suitable for back sleepers and side sleepers.

GOLS Natural Latex Pillow

GOLS Natural Latex Pillow is made with raw foam latex and doesn’t go flat like the traditional pillows. It comes in two varieties; the King size and the Queen size. The Queen is 5.5″ thick, 29″ Long, and 16″ wide, while the King is 5.5″ thick, 34″ Long, and 16″ wide. They can be molded around the head and neck to provide adequate support. The latex in GOLS Natural Latex Pillow has gone through a series of baking and vulcanization to destroy the latex protein responsible for allergic reactions. 

GOLS natural latex pillows come with a removable organic cotton cover for easy cleaning.

Shredded Latex “FLUFF” Pillow

Shredded Latex “Fluff” Pillow is thick and can be molded around the neck and head for adequate support. They’re made from 100% Natural Latex, 100% Cotton Lining, and are OEKO-TEX Certified. The Shredded Latex “Fluff” Pillow comes with an adjustable fill and a double zipper, enabling users to adjust the content. They come in hard, soft, and medium forms to meet the needs of various sleepers. Shredded Latex “Fluff” Pillow is toxin-free and promotes good air circulation. They’re hypoallergenic, and they don’t wear out quickly. They come in various sizes, suitable for anyone who enjoys a good night’s sleep.