From canvas, cotton, and vinyl to microfiber, polyurethane, and polyester, a calming dog bed comes in different forms and materials. Depending on various factors like the needs of your dogs, the weather, and the need for a dog bed, a particular type of material may be ideal or pose a health risk than the other.

Nonetheless, the fabric of a good dog bed should have all the qualities of good material, and these are 5 important indicators of the best material for a dog bed:

  1. It is durable

It is no news that pups are always on a biting, chewing, digging, tearing, and shredding spree which they do with their teeth and nails, an onslaught that will be carried out on their dog med as well. Also, the type of breed should influence the type of dog bed. For instance, a tough hyperactive breed will need an extra-durable heavyweight dog bed than a much calmer breed. Therefore, you want to buy a dog bed made with a hard-wearing material like cotton canvas or polyester, which can withstand the test of your dog’s teeth and nails.

  1. It is waterproof

One thing you do not want is a dog bed that has low moisture-resistant qualities, especially when you are still potty training your pup, and wetting the bed is a usual occurrence for your pooch. You want a material that is not only water-repelling, but that can act as a barrier to different types of liquid seeping into the bed fillers or padding. Dog beds made with waterproof materials like nylon are also ideal for outdoor uses as they will resist the elements and disperse moisture.

  1. It is easily washable

Whether it is machine washable or hand-washing, the best material for a dog bed should be easily washable to promote your dog’s hygiene and physical health. Expect the dog bed to be soiled, especially if your pooch is an active outdoor dog. Therefore, a material that promotes quick wiping of stains and easy regular cleaning is best for a dog bed.

  1. It is non-allergic

A dog bed with hypoallergenic material is the best kind of dog bed for your allergic pup. Anything short of this, like a microfiber dog bed, will give your dog itchy skin, amongst other allergic reactions. A hypoallergenic material dog bed should be the go-to when your dog has allergy issues or as a prevention from skin allergies.

  1. It is breathable

Your dog’s comfort should be an end goal of every dog bed purchase. An unbreathable dog bed material will only agitate your furry friends and make the bed unbearable for them. Breathable materials like soft cotton and boucle are great for a summer dog bed as they are soft and easily dissipate heat.

While different materials may serve different purposes, overall, the best material for a dog bed should be one that promotes the overall health of your dog. Therefore, before you buy a calming dog bed, get it from a reliable outlet like Pamper Paws. Also, ensure its material has some or all of the qualities listed in this article, especially as dictated by your mutt’s needs.