Oscars’ slapgate is a current hot topic. You may have wondered who organizes Oscars awards.

Many netizens around the world were curious after the Oscars 2022 Awards ceremony. They came from the United States and Canada. This article answers your queries about How is the Academy of Motion Pictures

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Will Smith has now resigned with an apology to the Academy.

Smith has also resigned. He stated that Smith’s actions in the 94th Academy Awards were shocking and unjustifiable. He stated that he is deeply sorry and now wants the attention of those who are deserving.

David Rubin was the President of Academy of Motion Picture Sciences and Arts. He stated that Will Smith’s resignation had been accepted by the Academy and will continue with disciplinary proceedings against Smith.

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Let’s see what caused the confrontation.

Will Smith, actor, resigned after the Chris Slap disaster. Chris Rock joked on Will Smith’s mishap with the Chris Slap.

Will Smith, in his reaction, slapped Rock. He told him to not mention his wife’s identity. Chris Rock laughed and agreed with Will Smith. This series of events was followed by many comments and memes.

Chris Rock turned down Will Smith’s police offer to file criminal charges after the entire incident.

More about ‘The Academy.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences also known as The Academy. It is a film-related institution that promotes the arts & sciences of motion picture.

The Academy is located in U.S. and organizes the Oscars awards each of the year.

It was created in 1927. It received its first awards, in May 1929.

The film world is home to 10,000+ members. The Oscars are the world’s leading film-related group that decides on the Oscars nominees and winners in 24 different categories.

Who is the Academy of Motion Pictures and What Is It?

There are currently 10,000 Academy members. The Academy is broken into 17 speciality-based branches. Will Smith, a member of the Academy has resigned; however his wife continues to be a member.


The Oscars organizing and governing body is the academy of motion picture Art and Sciences. Every year, it selects the Oscars nominees and winners and organizes their award ceremony.

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