Well, the SR22 insurance is the guaranty of an insurance company to the state that you have legal coverage to drive. This kind of bond you need when you are convicted of a driving-related charge such as driving without insurance, reckless driving, or DUI. SR-22 insurance does not mean you have actual car insurance. Furthermore, it does not raise insurance rates. It is just a requirement by the state when you are convicted of driving-related charges.

Many drivers think that It is a type of insurance, which is not valid. It is a simple form that your insurance company files to the state on your behalf. The carrier can submit this form electronically to give the proof of financial responsibility that you have the insurance coverage. The limits of the auto insurance coverage depending on the minimum liability requirements of a state.

How Can You Get this form?

Well, to get this form, you need to contact an insurance company. The primary purpose of this form is to provide proof that you have and will maintain insurance coverage. In short, you cannot get an SR22 way without proper car insurance.

The insurance company filed this form on your behalf to provide proof of financial responsibility to the state. Furthermore, it indicates that you have the necessary insurance coverage limits. Whenever the company files the form, it also sends you a copy as proof. You must keep this with you; state also has this form in electronic form in their law enforcement and department of motor vehicle records.

To obtain this form, you need to contact an insurance company that has this facility and need to buy an insurance policy for at least three years. Well, the requirements of periods can vary, but, in most cases, you need to maintain this insurance for at least three years.

How Much Does SR22 Insurance cost?

Well, if you have just got one DUI, then this insurance will cost you around $230 per month. However, the actual rate can vary from one carrier to another. You also need to keep in mind that the insurance company will charge you a processing fee for the form. However, it is a small one-time fee between $15 to $50. The insurance policy rates can vary depending on the policy you buy from them. You can also get an estimate of cost by visiting this website Insured ASAP.

It has been seen that the rates can hike by 89% when filling an SR22 form with a DUI. Hence, it is difficult to find cheap SR22 insurance, Illinois. There is not a specific premium for this kind of insurance, because it is calculated on the standard rating factors such as geographical location, type of vehicle, and driving record. If you are considered as a risky driver and you are convicted with DUI, then the rates of SR22 will be higher.

Why Long Do You Have to Carry SR22?

As we mentioned earlier that generally, you need to carry an SR22 for at least three years. However, this time can vary from two to five years. In some states, the time required to bring an SR22 depends on the offence. When the time of this form starts also varies from one country to another. Hence, the department of motor vehicles can give you an exact estimate of how long you need to carry the SR22. In some states, the time starts from the date of offence, suspension, conviction, or the age of driver’s license reinstatement.

Never cancel an SR22 before as the state can penalize you for this. Whenever the SR22 is withdrawn or removed, it is the responsibility of the insurance company to inform the state about the cancellation. The state will then take severe actions against you and can result in loss of vehicle registration or driver’s license.

How to Get Cheap SR22 Insurance Quotes

Well, finding cheap SR22 insurance can be tricky but not impossible. The process is the same as you will search for an affordable car insurance policy. First, you should make a list of insurance companies and then get quotes from them. After that, compare these quotes from multiple insurance carriers. If you are getting it the first time, then ask the company whether it files SR22 form or not. You can save some money if an insurance company provides SR22 filing along with an insurance policy.

Do You Need to Carry SR22, When You Move Out of State?

Well, if you are carrying an SR22 in a state but move to another state, you need to fulfil the requirements of SR22 for your former state. It does not matter; if you live there or not, you need to meet their requirements. So, in this case, you need an insurance carrier that does business in both states. So, make sure that the new insurance company has limits and coverage required by the former state.