The serum is a product that delivers active ingredients directly to the skin. Consider vitamins, antioxidants, acids, and peptides as well botanical extracts.

Because serum has a liquid, thin texture, it is ideal for maximizing the benefits of these substances.

Moisturizers are designed to prevent water from being lost. If active ingredients are present, they will be alongside thicker oils and butter, which can hinder penetration.

However, serums are water-based. This means that when you apply one to your skin, the active ingredients will sink in quickly and get to work immediately. A serum contains more actives because it does not contain any moisturizing agents. try this This hyaluronic acid serum is made from natural ingredients, which make it safe for use and suitable for all skin types.

It is best to use serum after you have cleansed and before you moisturize.

Why use a serum?

Here are some reasons you should love serums.

Lightweight: Serums, by nature, are lightweight and don’t feel bulky.

Fast-absorbing: Creams and oils may contain occlusive substances that can act as a barrier to your skin, but serums are made up of small molecules that penetrate quickly.

Non-comedogenic: Serums are unlikely to clog pores and trigger acne, particularly if they’re oil-free or silicone-free.

Targeted: Whatever skin condition you’re trying to address, from dark spots to fine lines to dullness, there is a serum to help.

Concentrated: Serums have a higher concentration of active ingredients than other products, such as face creams.

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Serums are effective: Because of their greater doses of actives, and their ability to penetrate deeply, serums provide better and quicker results than any other topical skin product.

Hydrating Serums

Purpose: Hydrating creams provide extra moisture to the skin underneath sunscreens, oils, and face creams. They use humectants that draw water to the Stratum Corneum (topmost layer of skin).

Key ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, glycerin, aloe vera, snail mucin.

Best for: All skin.

Products to Try: ClarityRx Daily Use of Water Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Cream, Timeless Pure Hyaluronic Acid 100% Pure, and SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel are some of the most simple and effective hyaluronic Acid formulas that I’ve tried. I avoid low-molecular-weight varieties as they can be linked to inflammation. Consonant HydrExtreme also has glycerin and naturally-derived sugar. This two-ingredient serum is known to outperform the hyaluronic acids (!). Snail mucin is another excellent hydrator with both humectants and skin-softening properties. 70% snail mucin is contained in the Benton Snail Bee ultimate serum.

Calming Serums

Purpose: Calming creams reduce irritation and redness in sensitive skin. They also help strengthen the skin barrier and make your skin more resilient. Ingredients that reduce inflammation, restore moisture to the stratum corneum, seal the gaps between skin cells are used in this process.

Key ingredients: Niacinamide, ceramides, Centella Asiatica extract, propolis.

Best for: Sensitive skin, redness.