In today’s internet era, people are primarily on their smartphones. So, having a website that is designed for laptops and adaptable for smartphones or various sized screens is what is called a responsive design. It is a design that people can browse from any device they have, and the website will function the way it works on a laptop. When you hire an SEO company in Mississauga, your website should be responsive design before they start applying SEO techniques to your site. Since we live in a mobile-centric world, having a website design adaptable to any device is an essential part of successful SEO strategies and avoiding SEO problems that can lower google rankings.

Why is Responsive Web Design Important?

Before websites had a responsive design, people only used websites on their desktop computers. Most of the desktop computers at that time had similar sizes of monitors. However, today’s times, people own different types of devices with different types of screens. Now, people want to access a website from any device. So, people’s demands have changed today. This has resulted in website designs that can adjust according to what a user wants.

A responsive design lets users use the website efficiently on mobiles, laptops, tablets, or other internet-connecting devices. They will have no difficulty navigating through the website, and overall it will provide a good user experience. So, to provide your users with a good experience, you must get a stunning and responsive website designed by the professionals of Clearwater Web Design Companies.

What a responsive website design does

If your website is a responsive web design, all the fonts, images, and other HTML elements will be adequately fit no matter the screen size.

There will be no need for redirects as the visitor will be able to access the website immediately upon opening the webpage.

Why does responsive web design matter to business owners?

Whether you’re a small, mid-sized or large business, you need to have a responsive website design to gain a competitive edge over other competitors. The purpose of responsive design is to create one website accessible from any device, and users can navigate through it easily with a good user experience.

Here are the top reasons why any website developer and business owner must invest in a responsive website design.

  • The majority of online traffic comes from tablets and smartphones.
  • When it comes to communicating with brands, people tend to interact 2 times more than any other device.
  • Most of the B2B search queries come from smartphones today, and this trend is likely to increase more by 2025.
  • Users won’t consider a website that is not mobile-friendly, and some won’t prefer to do business that has poor website design and has no responsive design.
  • More people search for your website on mobiles than from any other device.
  • A large number of users tend to buy stuff from mobile-friendly businesses. It’s easy for users to interact with customer care through smartphones.