Business is impossible without online promotion and SEO services. People learn about the products and services from your website. So, the most important thing here is visibility. In different searching engines, each website has its position in the results. The higher your position, the more customers will know about you.

So, it is crucial for any company to use rank tracker tool software. It lets you see the website’s SERP position among the best websites. The best rank tracking tool can be SpySerp. It is the best rank tracker to see your website’s position among the competitors. So, what are the most important features of the rank tracker?

  1. SpySerp includes a keyword rank checker

The keyword rank checker is a good option to find the best keywords for your website. You will see your position in searching engines. Apart from that, you will get a report about keywords. There, you will see the analysis of your most appropriate keywords. The system arranges your keywords in groups. So, you will automatically get clusters for your content.

You can also arrange the words and phrases depending on your local area. Then, you can download a free keywords cluster report. There, you can see the words depending on their frequency and other features. You will download the report in Excel. This lets you change the order of the keywords for your convenience. So, SpySerp is a great option to find keywords for your website and get more traffic.

  1. The analysis of your competitors

The website can show your competitors’ position online. You can choose to show the results in different searching engines at the same time. It is important to know what websites are your first competitors. You can also look at their websites and keywords. This will let you choose the best option to promote your company. This also lets you keep the current trends in your field.

  1. Reports available

On SpySerp, you can download free reports on the issues you need. You can use Excel, PDF, and CSV formats. In the reports, you will see the data arranged with different features. The reports are easy to change and group. So, it is a great option to access the data fast. You will also easily use it in your future SEO promotion and marketing.

How Does the Rank Checker Work?

To find the important results for your website, you should fill the form on SpySerp. State the necessary keywords you want to check. The system will find queries with similar keywords. You will see their frequency and the competitors’ results. Then choose the searching engine you want to check.

After you get the results, you can compare them to several searching engines. State the location where your company operates. It is important to get up-to-date results for your area. You can also compare the results for different areas. You can download the position report for both PC and mobile devices. It is important to make your website available for mobile devices.