Putlockers is a free movie and TV shows streaming service. For many years a huge number of audiences used this platform for the purpose of watching their favourite movies mainly because the site provided the content free. Khatrimaza is a pirated content provided and torrent website that allows the users access to thousands of latest Bollywood

This site was originated from the UK where it started as a simple file hosting platform and eventually due to its high traffic it also became a host to movies and free webs shows.

The problem with this site, however, is that it hosts pirated content which is not legal in many countries. The content on this site is put there without taking into consideration any of the copyright laws whatsoever. 

Putlockers stood at the top among many free movies streaming sites due to its remarkable services and features but recently out of the blue the site has disappeared from the internet and no one is really sure what happened.

What happened with this website?

There are many rumours out there as to what happened to this great website. What seems most plausible is however this: since the authorities are working day and night to eliminate illegal sites and platforms that offer pirated content for free, it might be that they have shut down the platform.

Recently the security policies regarding online content have become strict to counter the content-stealing sites and it is most likely that since Putlockers was among those platforms, they decided to put it down.

Main Reasons for putlockers Shut Down

A site that offers free content that isn’t supposed to be free is often considered illegal because it resembles stealing something from someone putting it in the display without the original owner’s consent. Most free movie streaming sites do this and that is why they are being shut down.

Putlockers also hosted content that was owned by other platforms and companies and thus it got their attention and they had to stop it.

What are some of the best putlockers alternatives?

There are a number of free and paid legal websites out there that you can check out if you cannot access Putlockers for whatever reason. All these websites below are great in terms of streaming services and audio and video quality of the movies

  1. Netflix

It is a world-renowned movie streaming website. Netflix also hosts web shows, anime and various documentaries which is pretty cool. This website has no equal in terms of video quality and variety of content.

Netflix does not contain any ads which make your streaming experience even better. It is a paid platform, but the prices are nothing compared to the features and services that it provides. Just like Kisscartoon, this site offers very few security risks. This way you can have as much fun as you like without worrying about data privacy and theft.

  1. 123movies

This is a free site that offers all the latest movies and shows in great video resolution. You can find all the mainstream as well as local shows on this platform. 123movies comes with a great UI that is designed to make your streaming experience great in every way possible. Read More : Onionplay

This website comes with quick search features such auto-completion and filter search which makes it a child’s play for anyone to find what they want to watch and what stuff they are really into.

  1. Movierulz

This site mainly hosts Indian and Tamil movies. But there are also many movies originating from Hollywood and other countries which you can enjoy in very high quality. Movierulz comes with a very effective UI. You can easily browse through various sections of the platform and find the stuff you like in no time.

You might face some ads here, but they are all relevant and do not occur frequently. This site is great when it comes to video quality which is all you need in any movies streaming website.

  1. Los Movies

This platform is famous for the number of movies and shows it hosts. There are literally thousands of movies for you to watch all in great quality. The movies and shows have been systematically arranged into various groups and categories. You can browse any particular genre that you are interested in and find literally hundreds of movies there.

Los Movies comes with great streaming features including filter search, auto-completion, video resolution adjustment, latest movies recommendations and website community chat forum etc. All these things make your time on this platform totally awesome and worth your while.

When will Putlockers be Back?

There is no official news as to when this cool site is back on track. Our only hope is to wait for some clone website of putlockers. Most free streaming sites once shut down, put up a clone site and resume their services there and there is a huge possibility that in coming days we will see something like that with Putlockers as well.

Anyways you can check out above discussed alternatives to this site and have fun with these until the site starts once again. All these alternative sites are great for movies streaming and you will surely love these if you give them a go.