People who live at the bottom of the income distribution often struggle to meet their basic needs on very limited incomes, even with the added assistance of government programs. As cost is one of the most common factors stated by maximum people for not taking their medicines during illness. But money should not be a reason to stop you. Also, learn about Tobradex coupon.

Share with your doctor or pharmacist in case you are facing problems in paying for the medicines. Your doctor may be able to prescribe other medicines that can work the same but comparatively the cost will be friendly. Discuss frankly with your doctor, pharmacist, or healthcare provider about the manufacturer’s aid or patient/prescription assistance programs (PAPs). 

The socioeconomic status (SES) of the patients is found to be associated with the degree of significance of key factors such as medical costs, professional capabilities and service deliveries. But medical expenses are the single most important factor that influence a decision by the underprivileged i.e. 2.28 times as critical as the privileged. On the contrary, the privileged strata tend to value technical capabilities and services more.

There is always a risk for the underprivileged in decision making based on medical expenses completely. Thinking about solution to combat the problems can be:

a) improved health insurance mechanism; and, 

b) obtaining additional revenues from value-added services, which can help defray the financial burden of the underprivileged.  .

Let us understand what a prescription assistance program (PAP).

Prescription assistance programs (PAPs) refers to public and private programs that are developed to offer discounted or free medicines to the needy. Often the income and age are the factors that will determine whether you are eligible for the program or not. And for some programs it is mandatory that your doctor has to fill up the form and apply on behalf of you.

There are many pharmaceutical companies, state programs and non-profits organizations that have prescription assistance programs (PAPs). They offer free or low-cost medicines in case you do not have insurance or are underinsured and are not capable of bearing the medication expenses. 

The benefits of prescription assistance programs vary from one to another. Based on your insurance and medicine, you may be eligible for help to curtail their medicine payment. You may be eligible for free medicines only under below scenarios:

  • If you do not have a registered health insurance
  • Do not have enough health insurance to cover your medicines 
  • Fulfil certain criterias

There are many renowned organizations and PAPs  that may be able to offer financial assistance to help you cover the cost of medicines.

Usually the prescription assistance programs (PAPs) will need to know the following information. The prescription medications that you are taking need to mention the name of each drug, the dose (in amount or size of the pill), how frequently you take the drug (as in two times a day). Apart from that it should include monthly or annual gross income, your state of residence and the name of any insurance program you are covered under if any.

Prescription assistance programs (PAPs) benefit medical coverage considering the residents age 65 and older, along with younger people with certain disabilities who meet income and employment guidelines.

The advantage of prescription assistance programs (PAPs) is a state-sponsored prescription program for seniors and people with disabilities. PAPs provide financial help to lower prescription medication costs. If you have enrolled in Medicare or other prescription insurance, PAP will help to fill gaps in coverage. Those people who are not eligible for the Medicare prescription assistance program provide primary prescription medication coverage.

When you are not able to pay for the medication expenses vouches to provide excellence medication assistance programs for anyone receiving services. Medicine costs are often forecasted as the main reason some patients are not able to afford their medication regimens. Medication non-adherence can result in negative health outcomes and increased healthcare expenses. is a reputed prescription assistance program that helps to obtain medications at a lower cost:

  • The PAP coordinator will help to determine if the patient is eligible to receive free medications from pharmaceutical companies or not. If so, they will work with both the patient and healthcare provider to complete the application process in the right way.
  • The patients may also be directed to affordable medication programs or be given medication coupons that will help them to gain their prescriptions for a discount.
  • The PAP coordinator also suggests an alter to the medication regimen, such as jumping to a generic medication or switching to a brand medication program that has a patient assistance program for which the patient qualifies.

You can apply for assistance today and our coordinators today. To initiate the process, look for the patient’s location of care to contact the coordinator and/or download patient forms.