These days, laser facials are a popular and widely-used skincare treatment, with millions of people around the world undergoing the procedure each year. While the technology behind laser facials is relatively new, their popularity and effectiveness demonstrate laser technology’s incredible potential in dermatology and skincare.

In Laser Genesis, also known as a Laser Facial, a gentle laser beam is used to gently heat the skin. Collagen production is boosted by the heat, which in turn improves the skin’s tone and texture. Fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars can all be reduced with this laser procedure. Furthermore, Laser Genesis Facials aid in the reduction of enlarged pores.

What Effect Does Laser Genesis Have on Acne and Scars?

Laser Genesis for acne and scars employs a laser wavelength that is specifically designed to target your sebaceous glands, which produce oil. Overactive sebaceous glands can produce an excessive amount of oil. This process results in clogged pores and, eventually, acne.

Laser Genesis controls overactive sebaceous glands. Consequently, it reduces the amount of oil produced and acne outbreaks. Acne is caused by the overproduction of oil and the accumulation of bacteria in the pores. These bacteria are killed by the laser’s heat, which reduces the inflammation and redness associated with acne. This can also aid in preventing future outbreaks.

What Makes Laser Genesis Worth It?

In addition to treating acne and acne scars, Laser Genesis offers numerous benefits. Examine the factors that make Laser Genesis worthwhile:

The procedure is non-invasive and affordable.

Laser Genesis is non-invasive that requires neither incisions nor injections. It is not a surgery but a procedure with no downtime. This means that you can resume your normal activities immediately following it; hence it’s also called a lunchtime procedure. One of the biggest benefits, in comparison to other invasive procedures, is that Laser Genesis is less expensive, less painful, and requires no downtime.

It is safe and relatively painless.

The Laser Genesis procedure for acne and scar treatment is generally well-received for its lack of risk and discomfort. Thanks to the laser’s mild nature, most patients experience minimal discomfort during their procedure which usually lasts about 30 minutes. Your skin will appear healthy-looking after the laser procedure.

It is suitable for all skin types.

Laser Genesis for acne and scars can be used on all skin types and tailored to each patient’s specific needs. It works well for men and women. It can be done throughout the year on tanned skin and on people of color, but it is a great summertime procedure.

It may be combined with other therapies for optimal outcomes.

For optimal results, Laser Genesis is best used in conjunction with other procedures, such as the Limelight Photo facial, Titan Skin Tightening, 3D Skin Rejuvenation, and Laser Hair Removal.

It offers long-lasting results.

The effects can last a long time, especially if regular maintenance treatments are used. Therefore, it is essential to schedule follow-up treatments as needed to sustain the effects. Four to eight treatments, spaced two to four weeks apart, are recommended for the effects of collagen production to build up over time.

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