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Karuna is a Sanskrit term that may be found in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Zen. It may also be translated as “Compassionate Activity” and refers to any action performed to alleviate the pain of another. When people attain enlightenment, they report that all creatures are known as one.

As a result, it is natural to offer loving action or Karuna to everyone without discrimination because we are all one. All creatures benefit when we support others and assist them in their healing journey. Because all creatures are one, it is recognized that Karuna is given to others not just out of love but also because it is the only logical thing to do. That’s why the increased popularity of Karuna influenced Canadian cities to encourage wellness since reiki in Toronto and Edmonton are quite popular therapies.

Still, to answer the questions, “What is Karuna and what are karuna reiki symbols,” a big bunch of information is collected to make you understand.

By the definition of Karuna, karuna reiki was formed. Karuna Reiki is “an action performed to alleviate the pain of others,” and it is also known as the Reiki of Compassion. Karuna Reiki is a healing energy that helps us awaken universal compassion and knowledge in our souls. 

When coupled with energy, our compassionate state of awareness has tremendous transformative power. Karuna Reiki allows you to collaborate with all enlightened beings more closely. It includes both physically present enlightened ones and those in spirit.

What Are The Benefits of Karuna Reiki?

Karuna Reiki techniques aid in the healing or facilitation of the following conditions like addictive behavior, allergies, anxiety, chakra balancing, chemotherapy, developing healthy habits, etc. Karuna Reiki, in essence, assists our energy system in being more completely engaged.

Healing energies are considered to be more powerful and impactful than regular Reiki. These more powerful energies may be employed to repair a broader range of more complicated problems.

These more powerful energies may be employed to repair a broader range of more complicated problems. The energy transfer experience is also distinct from standard Reiki. The energy does not move from the Reiki practitioner’s body and arms; rather, it surrounds the entire body and might cover the practitioner from the outside while moving to the receiver.

Karuna Reiki Symbols

Karuna Reiki symbols are there in eight different styles having different importance, that correspond to different energy frequencies. Each of them has specific energy for a certain ailment, implying that the effects may be employed to provide healing where it is required. The symbols are as follows:

Om- This is a potent emblem that transcends time. This Karuna Reiki Symbol may be utilized even without the atonement steps. Om and AUM are subtle sounds that stand for the following: A stands for an aware waking state, U represents a delicate unconscious dream state, and M stands for the subconscious deep sleep stage. This sign is also utilized to seal, purify, and stabilize the aura, as well as to open a channel to God and awareness and to activate the Third Eye Chakra.

Zonar- This stands for resolving previous lives and psychological conflicts. It is one of the most potent symbols in Karuna Reiki because it aids in the early stages of deep cellular healing. It promotes distant healing, cures previous trauma, stops the cycle of addiction, heals interpersonal difficulties, and alleviates emotions of worthlessness.

Halu- Because it includes a pyramid, this sign enhances Zonar. It is a master symbol that restores mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional equilibrium to facilitate deeper healing.

Harth- It is utilized to treat mental and physical ailments, making it one of Karuna’s most essential symbols. It is used to alleviate anxieties, mend damaged relationships, defend people from psychic attacks, remove suicidal inclinations, and maintain good improvements.

Rama- This symbol signifies the fusion of masculine and feminine energy. It is a sign of happiness and aids in the balance of the six chakras. It is also used to treat lack of confidence, enhance relationships, and actualize materialistic objectives.

Gnosa- This symbol cleanses the mind of negativity and establishes a link with the higher self. It connects the conscious and subconscious minds by opening the chakras and raising awareness levels.

Kriya- This symbol is utilized particularly for physical manifestation to heal the human race. It is a feminine energy sign that rotates clockwise. It manifests an individual’s wishes, assisting them in determining their priorities. It’s also a great grounding symbol.

Iava- This symbol assists you in realizing that you are the creator of your future and history. It is a strong symbol that may assist you in following your path, lowering your ego, teaching you to be accountable for your happiness and emotions, and connecting you deeper with Mother Nature.

Shanti- This karuna reiki symbol represents peace. It can assist you in releasing all of your anxieties and insecurities. It promotes relaxation, chakra balance, and the treatment of insomnia and tiredness.

Difference Between Usui and Karuna

Kruna is very similar to usui as the practice of Karuna evolved from Usui. Thus, it is a continuation of the Usui reiki. In Usui Reiki, the symbols are used for meditation and healing, whereas in Karuna Reiki, the symbols are used for special sound effects. Karuna is practiced for its vibrations and compassion. Both Usui and Karuna are interconnected as it is important to use all the Usui Reiki symbols and follow up with specific Karuna Reiki symbols for higher results.

Final Thoughts

Though some consider Karuna Reiki to be a logical development on the Reiki path, and undoubtedly, it is required. The advantages of Karuna Reiki, on the other hand, are apparent, providing an effective approach to provide healing to a world that is desperately in need of it right now.