If you or your loved one suffer from drug addiction, you know how hard it is to find the right treatment. People can go for years without relapses only to dive deep into the addiction all over again.

The right choice of treatment doesn’t just help you get rid of the physical addiction symptoms. It helps you stay sober longer. By simplifying the detox process, you are making it possible for your body to adjust to the new clean state.

Many people find Iboga root highly effective for addiction treatment. Let’s take a closer look at its benefits. 

What is Iboga Root?

Iboga is a shrub. It’s a big part of rituals and ceremonies in some African countries. Its root bark is often used for medical purposes. Ibogaine is a chemical found in iboga.

Over the years, people have discovered numerous benefits of iboga root. They take it to treat flu, fever, and high blood pressure. It can also be used for improving libido and dealing with substance abuse problems.

Iboga root contains chemicals that can be used for brain stimulation to trigger euphoria. By taking Ibogaine, it may be possible to relieve the symptoms of withdrawal and help a person recover from substance abuse quicker.

A study conducted in 2017 showed that ibogaine treatment reduced opioid withdrawal symptoms and helped people stop using opioids for at least 12 months.

Is Ibogaine Legal? 

Ibogaine is currently not approved by the FDA. However, the National Institute for Drug Abuse considered testing this remedy and initiating clinical trials. However, the program never went through and the studies ceased. However, some research about the effectiveness of Ibogaine continued.

Today, in the USA, ibogaine is a Schedule I substance. This means that just like heroin, it isn’t acceptable for medical use due to the high possibility of abuse. However, in many other countries, the use of this remedy isn’t regulated, which gives substance abuse victims an opportunity to use it for treatment.

People who believe in the healing properties of the plant can choose clinics like Clear Sky Recovery, ibogaine treatment center that are situated in countries that don’t prohibit ibogaine use. Besides an opportunity to take advantage of natural treatment, traveling beyond country borders can be great for getting out of an abuse-stimulating environment.

Are There Any Risks?

Since ibogaine is illegal in many countries, people worry about the risks associated with the treatment. There have been cases when people died after using ibogaine for drug addiction treatment. However, the death may have occurred due to the patient’s underlying conditions and severe withdrawal symptoms.

One of the ways this drug affects the body involves lowering the heart rate. This could lead to a condition that causes heart muscle damage. It could prevent the heart from working properly and cause other health issues. People with existing heart problems are more vulnerable to this rare side effect of ibogaine.

Even though using ibogaine comes with some risks, the benefits of this drug are also impressive. Since the United States is stuck dealing with an opioid crisis, doctors need all the help they can get when fighting addiction.

By administering ibogaine treatment under close medical supervision, it’s possible to minimize the risks and take full advantage of the benefits. It’s imperative to understand that taking iboga root without a doctor’s consultation could have a negative effect on a person’s health.

Is Iboga Root Right for Me?

If you or your loved one are suffering from opioid addiction, ibogaine could become a part of your treatment. While more studies need to be done for this drug to be approved in the United States, some countries are already offering it in their clinics.

Since iboga root may have some side effects, especially for people who have a long history of addiction, it should be used under professional supervision. If other opioid addiction treatment options aren’t working out as well as you were hoping for, you may want to consider checking out ibogaine.

For many people, iboga root can reduce withdrawal symptoms and make fighting substance abuse easier.