Let’s be honest: managing five accounts, two crypto wallets, and a few exchanges to get your operations going can be difficult. Trying to get hold of separate tools or integrate them can sometimes result in a mess and the loss of funds. 

Money loves order, and that is true for cryptocurrency as well. To bring all operations into harmony and let you manage them with the help of a single account, experts designed Defiway, – a service that combines a set of features to help you. Need a wallet to send and receive funds? Defiway can do that. Down for the ride and eager to be using payrolls with crypto? This is also included. 

Next, we made a closeup of key features of Defiway. 

Cryptocurrency Bridge

At first sight, a cryptocurrency bridge is not an instrument that an average user would need. Still, if you discover more about it, you might change your mind because it offers plenty of use. 

A cryptocurrency bridge is a tool that works similarly to a physical bridge: it is called to connect two sides. In the case of crypto technology, a bridge connects two different blockchains. It enables communication between the ecosystems so that users can share information, send assets to each other, and transfer funds to those blockchains that would otherwise be unavailable. 

Cryptocurrency bridges are also called cross-chain bridges because of that. Such portals are great because they facilitate the exchange of funds between blockchains. As a result, users can get their tokens sent faster and are charged significantly lower fees. This becomes game-changing news for anyone who hasn’t been satisfied with the Ethereum ecosystem’s fees. 

With DeFi apps, one can also see the benefits as bridges make it a breeze to convert already owned tokens into desired crypto coins. That said, bridges are the next big thing, and the future holds more about them to unfold. Defiway Bridge can currently operate with the following networks: 

  1. Avalanche.
  2. BNB Chain.
  3. Tron.
  4. Polygon.
  5. Cronos.
  6. Bitcoin.
  7. Ethereum.
  8. Fantom.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

The next use of Defiway is simply as a wallet. It can be a reliable helper with the multi-currency exchange already built in. Whether you want to use it as a smartphone version, desktop wallet, or web wallet, it will offer an excellent storage experience anyway. 

What else does one need to know about Defiway as a wallet? It offers the following:

  • Non-custodial nature. 

The Defiway wallet won’t be the intermediary between you and the blockchains you want to access. Besides, it doesn’t store your privacy keys, which means your account’s safety is entirely in your hands. 

  • Safe and free payments. 

Owning wallet accounts means sending crypto back and forth with zero fees.

  • Bank card connection. 

Your regular debit card will be enough to purchase cryptocurrency right away. 

  • Excellent security based on the latest tech. 

Along with standard security routines, you can adopt additional measures to confirm your identity and log in from several devices. 

  • Convenience with joint accounts. 

If crypto transactions are a part of your corporation or you want to share an account with family members, this option is great to satisfy this need and get all of the gang into the course of financial matters. 

Sure thing, this is accompanied by the available on-demand cross-chain bridge by Defiway. 

Cryptocurrency Payments

At the moment, many websites and platforms accept crypto payments. Still, not all services allow businessmen and average subscribers to pay conveniently in digital tokens. On the other hand, this service can offer utility to website owners that want to scale up payment solutions and widen their customer base. 

Here is what will both of them get with Defiway:

  1. Quick handling of crypto transfers.
  2. Little to no fees. 
  3. Higher security of financial operations.
  4. Improving client experience with all kinds of platforms (e-commerce, blogs, trending sites, non-profit platforms, e.g., for donating).
  5. Ease of use even for beginners: if a user doesn’t operate crypto wallets freely, they can get the coins to their bank accounts. 

Businesses can gain more loyal clients and increase market presence when introducing crypto payments for customers. Solutions by Defiway are guaranteed to be fraud-proof and quite simple to integrate (in fact, that is a custom plugin). The tried and true tool will also mean you connect to Defiway’s reputation and, as its partner, build up a good reputation for your business. 

In practice, payments happen in this way. After installing the plugin in just a few clicks, your customers will decide on the currency they want to pay with. Next, Defiway is going to finalize the transaction with as little fee as possible and send the sum to your wallet. Simple as day!

Supporting over 20 networks and 5 different crypto wallets, it won’t be a headache anymore to initiate payments in crypto. 

How to Get Started With Defiway

Integrating Defiway products into life is easy, and there are a few steps one should follow to reach the goal. 

Step 1. Get a consultation. 

Whereas all tools the service combines are already made to answer various needs, it is worthwhile being consulted by the staff. They will help you adopt their new products and use them efficiently. 

Step 2. Use prompts to sign up. 

Next, the website will lead you to sign up to unlock all opportunities. 

Step 3. Link your wallet. 

If you have one, connect it to Defiway to synchronize them. 

Step 4. Give data. 

As a new user, tell the system about the coins you’re interested in, target blockchain networks, etc. 


With Defiway, the crypto sphere becomes simpler. If you’re sick and tired of multiple separate tools that don’t go well together or leave you wanting more, this service goes above and beyond to make it all comprehensive and effective. It acts as a reliable non-hackable wallet with an exchange function, cross-chain bridge, payment helper, payroll organizer, and a lot more. 

Explore the features and let your financial routine get easy and enjoyable!