DaVinci IQC Review [2021 Release] + IQ2 comparison

The DaVinci IQC is a dual-use portable vaporizer that is well-equipped with high-tech customizable features and handy tools. Compatible with dried herbs and concentrates, this device delivers pure and precise puffs that enhance the terpenic flavors of your cannabis through its zirconia glass lined ceramic furnace. Long and light trains are recommended.

A luxury purchase, but well worth it if you prefer efficiency and components that make it easy to dose on the go. The IQC also has app connectivity via Bluetooth, serving as a personal control and tracker of your temperature and usage and will soon be available on the iOS App Store and online.

How is IQC different from IQ2?

DaVinci has actively listened to reviews of its previous devices and has come back with an updated product that people have been asking about. The IQC has well thought out updates and embodies a simplified DaVinci vaping experience.

1. One of the key differences is the patented Sharesafe ™ mouthpiece made from an FDA approved antimicrobial polymer. Antimicrobial polymers inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses, making it a more hygienic smoking device. At a time when hygiene needs to be addressed, the IQC was developed with these health aspects in mind.

2. No more six hours of charging: the IQC now has a longer battery life and can be fully charged in just two hours thanks to the new Type-C charging connection.

3. One notable feature that the IQC lacks and that is typically found in the IQ2 is the adjustable airflow at the bottom of the unit. The adjustable airflow allows the user to measure how much air is flowing through the device and can be changed with a rotary knob. The airflow of the IQC is not adjustable, which means that the steam tends to get hotter.

4. For roughly $ 66 less than the IQ2, the IQC still has DaVinci’s most impressive features. However, keep in mind that the IQC has a five-year warranty instead of the IQ2’s ten-year warranty. It could be considered a discount, but you definitely get what you pay for.

How is DaVinci IQC used?

We come to the functionality of the DaVinci IQC and the scope of supply of the vaporizer kit.


IQC device:

• mouthpiece

• Zirconia “aroma chamber” vapor path

• Replaceable 18650 battery

• Integrated selection tool

•        Led screen

• Control / navigation buttons

• Adjustable spaces with pearl zirconia

• Glazed ceramic kiln

Additional features:

• Alcohol swabs

• Additional selection tool

• USB-C charging cable

• Adapter for 10mm water tools

• Sticker

* Pre-computers will also receive an anti-odor carrying bag.

Basic operation

1. Open the bottom lid of the IQC to reveal the glazed ceramic furnace.

2. Wrap the herb tightly for maximum steam. Close the bottom cap so that the bead can wrap the herb tightly.

3. Turn on / off the device by clicking the control button five times.

4. Use the up and down navigation buttons to adjust the temperature. Choose from the four preset areas called “Smart Routes”. Note: The IQC is programmed to start on Smart Path 3 (390-410 ° F).

5. IQC vibrates when the target temperature is reached.


There are a couple of modes in the IQC that you can play with.

• Smart Route Mode – There are four preset “smart routes” with gradually increasing temperatures over eight minutes. Switch between routes with the navigation buttons.

o Rest: 410-430 ° F

o Body: 390-410 ° F

o Spirit: 370 – 390ºF

o Flavor: 350-370 ° F

• Precision mode: With a temperature precision of up to +/- 1 degree, you can select an exact temperature. Click the control button to view the current temperature, then use the navigation buttons to adjust your temperature settings.

Is the DaVinci IQC worth it?

The intent behind the design of the IQC is what really makes this device worth buying. The IQC was designed with consumer needs and health safety in mind without making the product more expensive; instead, DaVinci made it more affordable. It is the ultimate combination of the simplest yet most modern technology that results in an ideal vaporizer for almost everyone.

Sometimes the extra bells and whistles of a vaporizer aren’t necessary and all you really need are top-notch materials and technology to ensure a divine vaping experience. The IQC is practical, high-quality, and now that its iOS application software is about to be available, there is a lot to love about this device.