There are various recording methods for security cameras. Among them is the “cloud recording service” that utilizes a network camera which is in high demand from businesses with multiple stores and companies that want to check images from a remote location. Since the video is saved in the cloud, you can check it anytime from your computer or mobile device.

This article will explain cloud recording services, points to compare, and points to note when using free services.

What is cloud recording?

Cloud recording with a security camera means recording video taken with a network camera on the cloud. It can be said that the points to understanding cloud recording are:

  • saving the video on the cloud,
  • Constantly updating the network camera.

There is also an explanation called cloud recording, including the case where the video recorded on the recorder or HDD is saved in the cloud, but on this page, only the case where the video is saved directly in the cloud using a network camera is regarded as cloud recording.

Cloud recording saves the captured video on the cloud

In the case of a typical security camera system, the images taken by the security camera are recorded on a device that stores data, such as a recorder or HDD (hard disk).

When saving to a recorder or HDD, there was a risk that we would lose the video if the device was stolen or malfunctioned, but with cloud recording, there is no need to worry about theft.

However, while there is no fear of theft, it cannot be overlooked that there is a new risk that recording will not be performed in the first place if the Internet connection is cut off.

Always update the network camera used for cloud recording

In the case of analog cameras, the performance will not improve after purchase, except for parts replacement.

Since the images taken by the camera are analyzed on the cloud, it is also an attraction of cloud recording that it is easy to share information at multiple physically separated locations.

Is the cost of cloud recording high? Isn’t it expensive?

If cloud recording is not adopted, installing a device such as a recorder or HDD for storing data, a camera, and a monitor as a set is necessary. On the other hand, in the case of cloud recording, all you need is a camera and a monitor.

Installation and maintenance costs when cloud recording is not adopted

As mentioned above, if you don’t use cloud recording, you’ll need a device, camera, and monitor to store your data. At the time of purchase, each equipment cost and installation work cost will be incurred, and maintenance costs will. It is said that the service life of the recorder is about six years, and the service life of the HDD is about three years, so it is better to assume that it will be replaced.

Cloud recording installation and maintenance costs

I explained that the only devices required for cloud recording are cameras and monitors. At the time of introduction, each equipment cost, contract initial cost, and setting cost will be charged depending on the company that provides the cloud recording service. You can also use Cognitech cloud security for a top cloud recording service.

Assuming that camera and monitor maintenance is the same as without cloud recording, the additional cost of cloud recording is a monthly contract fee. This contract fee depends on the company and the retention period of the image.

Comparison of installation and maintenance costs when and without cloud recording

It isn’t easy to make a general comparison because the required cost varies depending on the equipment installed, the company that provides the cloud recording service, and the storage period of the image.

However, as an image, when recording in the Cognitech cloud online, a monthly image storage fee is charged for each camera, so it can be said that the total cost tends to be higher for cloud recording as the number of cameras increases.


Even with the above in mind, cloud recording is still expensive. It is cheaper to put the recorder on site. You need to choose the right recording method in the right place. You can use our cloud video surveillance software at Cognitech Cloud (MC2) for your investigation at a reasonable rate.

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