Call transcription occurs when you convert phone calls into written words. It is an audio or video call textual record that has become increasingly popular in organizations today. Transcribing a call in the past was hard since someone had to analyze the audio and type the hand script. However, call transcription today is much easier due to technology development. 

Today’s transcribing software speeds up and automates the transcription process, and you can also produce real-time transcripts while on a call. Below we discuss all you need to know about call transcription. 

Call recording has many benefits, but it is advisable to consider its legality. It is a fair game as long as everybody knows the recording is happening. Some states allow their residents to record calls with one party’s consent, but business calls should have full consent to shun legal complications. 

Benefits of Call Transcription 

Below are the main benefits of call transcription:

It Gathers Customer Information 

Enterprises may depend on call transcripts when essential data. They will quickly identify popular issues that pop in calls by searching multiple transcripts. Transcripts are also an excellent way to gather customer feedback and quotes that are later shared with colleagues. 

Transcripts also enable teams fast track what occurred in previous calls when a customer reaches out to a different representative, meaning customers won’t repeat themselves. This feature improves the customer experience. Gathering customer information is the main reason most companies have a call transcription service

Note Taking During Meetings

Call transcriptions during phone calls have massive benefits in business meetings. Experts use the transcripts to review details they might have forgotten. They can also include the link to the transcript to share details with people that were absent. 

This saves time that would be spent recounting. Experts also focus on the ongoing conversation as transcription solutions strive to preserve it. 

It Assesses Employee Performance 

Call transcriptions are an excellent way to understand how good employees perform on calls. Leaders in a sales team call center use these transcripts to review how the employees handle sale pitches, and certain situations.

It Improves Employee Training

Most companies refer to transcripts from previous calls when hiring new workers to know how they dandled different issues. The transcript can also work as a script that enables new employees to catch up. 

Managers will also have an easy time finding necessary transcripts suppose the archives are searchable. 

It Conducts a Market Research 

Organizations can use verbatim transcripts of customer reviews and focus groups on conducting market research. These transcripts help them make better business decisions, meaning they must be complete and accurate. 

Creates Marketing Content 

Recording interviews as transcripts has many benefits in your marketing efforts. Transcripts also help companies pull direct quotes when interviewing thought leaders and influence SEO.

Improved Website SEO 

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it enables your organization to get better ranks and visits from people globally who are likely to buy your products and services. Over 80% of online experiences begin with an entry in search engines like Google, meaning SEO has a significant role in a company’s success. 

The best way to improve SEO is by sharing transcriptions to your company’s site. Longer content keeps the audience glued, increasing the score, and gives you a chance to have more keywords on the website. Potential clients also get a better look at how your organization functions. 

Improved Transparency

Over 70% of consumers today claim that a brand’s transparency is the main thing they consider before deciding whether to conduct business or not. It is easy to email transcripts to shareholders if you have them at hand, which improves your organization’s reputation. 

These transcripts also make the customers feel valued, and part of your operations. This transparency level lets you clear unwanted miscommunications fast, bringing more clients to your enterprise.  

You Will Find Important Information Quickly 

Conference calls are an excellent way to update the other departments and brainstorm ideas. Call transcription lets you find the exact conversation point, and you can see this at the search bar.

Final Thoughts 

Online transcription is safe for use, as call transcription has become widespread in most organizations today due to its advantages. It enables companies to get customer information, assess employee performance and improves employee training.