When you are starting to learn more about marijuana, one of the hardest things may be learning all the different types of strains and what is the difference between them. There are so many strains that you can get confused all the time. But don’t worry, I’m here to show you what is the blue coma strain and where you can safely and easily buy it.

The Blue coma strain is a hybrid strain that has Crystal Coma as one of its parents. It originates from a lot of diverse places in the world, such as Thailand, Afghanistan, and Mexico. This strain is wonderful for those who are looking for potent sedative effects. There are so many positive effects that come from this that any smoker would be glad to have it. This is a Sativa-dominant 60/40 hybrid, so it combines the euphoric rush that everyone loves with the relaxation that and Indica would normally give.


Since it has a low CBD concentration, you can smoke it any time of day. It will probably have a spicy, fruity, sour, earthy, or piney flavor, and it can make you feel calm and creative. It can also help you with your pain since it is a great pain reliever, and it can help you with your appetite if you are not feeling hungry lately. However, it can cause dry mouth and a bit of anxiety.

Many people use this strain to alleviate the symptoms of issues like low appetite, stress, depression, glaucoma, arthritis, stress, lack of creativity, and more.


Blue coma has a unique scent and aroma, and it is visually robust. It can have forest or lime green shades with blue and purple hues. It is quite rare, though. If you are into THC, be aware that this majestic strain has something around 26% THC, so it is potent. Blue coma is the result of more than three decades of studies and researches, and it really is as good as it sounds. Once you have it, you’ll never forget it. Remember that the smell of it can be a little overwhelming for some people, so be aware of it if you are a bit sensitive when it comes to aromas. Also, this is not a strain for people that use marijuana to sleep. Although it relaxes you, it also let you a bit euphoric.

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