Bare metal servers include an entire physical machine being assigned to a single user so you do not have to share it with any other user. It offers immense scope for customization according to your business requirements including performance, reliability, and security. A hypervisor server is an alternative to a bare metal server, with several users sharing the same server along with its storage, resources, and features.

Bare metal servers are more commonly referred to as managed dedicated servers or in some cases, single-tenant servers. A direct installation of an operating system on a bare metal server guarantees powerful performance. You can choose to have your own data centers to run your dedicated servers, or you can choose to go the managed hosting route where you can rent them for a specific amount of time.

What is the structure of a bare metal structure?

The bare metal server takes the user’s needs into consideration while putting together its infrastructure. It has great differences from other types of servers including hosting companies or the public cloud. Private cloud infrastructure is also available if you want to go for it, as it offers the same benefits as a public cloud. 

Bare metal servers are considered incredibly efficient by users as they offer incredible performance including dealing effectively with spikes in traffic and minimizing loading time. Since you are the only user on the whole server you can enjoy better security. Two types of bare metal servers exist, traditional bare metal servers and traditional servers. Let’s take a look at both of them in-depth.

1. Traditional bare metal servers

Traditional servers as mentioned before, are also known as dedicated servers where the operating system that is administered by the user is based on the hardware. The OS runs all the user’s applications with exceptional ease. These types of servers comprise dedicated rental servers along with self-hosted ones.

2. Hypervisor bare metal servers

Bare metal servers with hypervisors can be used in a cloud environment. It depends on the hardware known as the hypervisor and allows the users complete control of the virtual machines using a management interface. The user apps are directly run on a virtual OS rather than on the hypervisor.

What are the advantages of bare metal servers?

Vast amounts of data can be easily processed with the stable and robust performance of a bare metal server. In fact, it is observed that a bare metal server is better at dealing with more data than a virtual one. A hypervisor is redundant to a bare metal server as it is basically an additional coat of software. The less software used leads to an increase in performance by being able to deal with more load at a higher speed.

Bare metal servers offer specifications with a lot of variety. Along with a significant boost to your performance, you can also choose to customize your server according to your requirements and usage with direct server access and the complete hardware architecture. 

Your business can benefit greatly from the flexibility you have over the complete bare metal server including choosing your operating system. Being the only user on the server offers immense security. You can also implement your own security measures without needing your web hosting provider’s permission. This ensures your system is incredibly fortified from all kinds of attacks. You can also get rid of any interference from other users on the server. Since all of the resources are yours, you do not have to worry about someone else using them and your website falling short. You also have transparency when it comes to billing as you have to pay a fixed monthly amount which allows you to keep a track of the amount of bandwidth you use.

What is a Bare Metal Server Used For?

Bare metal servers are the best bet for large-scale business that requires a huge amount of resources or deal with confidential information which needs immense protection. There has been a rise in virtual shared servers as well, but bare metal servers are always the top choice. Businesses with the need for robust performance, advanced security, and immense reliability include retail, e-commerce, finance, health, and many more. Even if your business is not part of these industries, you can still find the advantages of a bare metal server to be immensely helpful.


Wondering if a bare metal server is a perfect choice for you? The bare metal server offers one of the most powerful performances of all server options available in the market right now. While they might not be everyone’s cup of tea, their benefits are immense and varied. If you have the budget for it and your business needs the number of advantages bare metal servers offer, you should definitely go for it.