What Is A WPS Pin and What Is It Used for?

What Is A WPS Pin

The WPS pin is essentially a code that connects your HP printer with your computer to facilitate printing. The connection established is a wireless one. It is created only by this unique code, which is a WPS pin.

The unique code consists of 8 numbers that are printed on the printer and then entered on your computer screen. This will create a connection between them. This modern method allows you to print any document even from the corner of your office.

The innovation offers a high-security organization of associations among gadgets. The WPS pin works only if the printer has a display.

There is another way to make a wireless connection between your printer’s computer and your printer if there isn’t a screen. This is done using the Push button for WPS. Both the ways are talked about as you read along. 

Where is a WPS Pin On An HP Printer?

The WPS pin is created on the screen of the printers. After you have completed the entire process of pin generation, the pin will be displayed on your printer screen.

In any case, as talked about over, the printers that don’t have a screen don’t need the pin-producing measure. 

In printers with no screen or show, the cycle including the WPS press button is utilized. Both are equally secure and reliable, depending on which printer you use.

What Are The Major Ways of WPS Connections In HP Printers?

There are two significant and basic manners by which WPS associations can be made between your printer and PC. Wireless connectivity is crucial as it allows you to print from anywhere in the office. These cycles depend on if your printer has a screen on top or not. The two processes are:

  1. WPS Pin

Used for printers with screens or a display on top

  1. WPS Push Button

Used for printers with no screens on top

Both are safe and can be used to establish strong wireless connections. One requirement is to follow both of the cycles altogether to interface.The detailed process is discussed further.

Process Via WPS Pin

This is the simplest yet common process. This is possible only if the printer has a screen. Follow the offered steps to create a WPS nail to your printer screen to build up a remote association between your printer and PC: 

● Restart or turn on your printer.

● In the second step click on settings and enter the control panel of the printer.

● Now, find the wireless button on your printer and clock in it after which you will see an LED light blinking. Blinking is a good sign. Next, in the control panel, find the option ” WiFi Protected Settingup” and click it. Instructions will appear on your printer screen.

● Now, clock on the WPS pin.

● At the end of the entire process, a pin code will be generated that will appear on your printer screen which is an 8 digit WPS pin. This pin is produced to interface your printer to the PC.

● At last, enter the generated WPS pin in your computer and hence your computer is successfully connected to your printer.

Process Via WPS Push Button

Assuming your printer is definitely not an overhauled rendition, it probably won’t have a screen. In such a case no entrance can be made to its control board accordingly unfit to create a WPS Pin. A WPS Push Button is also a good option to establish a connection. This is not difficult.

Follow the below steps to et it right:

● Turn on your printer or restart it.

● Try to keep your computer closer to your printer to avoid any consequences.

● Now, find a wireless button on your printer and press it.

● After making a long press on the wireless button you will observe a blinking LED light which is a positive indication that the printer is about to remotely connect.

● Now, do the same thing on your wireless router by long-pressing the wireless button on it and wait until the LED light starts to blink.

● At the end of the entire process, you will observe that lights on both the devices are blinking and once they stop blinking, you have successfully generated a WPS connection between them and can start printing.

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There are two main ways to establish wireless connectivity between your printers and computers. Both the ways are discussed above in detail and vary from printer to printer.

If your printer consists of a screen on top then the process of generating a  WPS pin will help, otherwise, If there is no screen, you can use the touchscreen. You must follow the steps via the WPS push button. Both the processes are also secure and last until the connection is disconnected.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Where is the WPS pin on the HP printer?

You need to go to the control panel screen of your printer, then select settings in which you will find a wireless button option. Choose “ wifi protected setup” on that and follow the instructions that might appear on your screen. This will allow you to generate a WPS Pin on your HP printer screen.

Is WPS technology better than WPA?

Indeed, when contrasted with the WPA, WPS is more dependable and secure.

How many digits are there in a WPS pin?

The 8-digit code for a WPS pin is most common.

What is the use of a WPS button?

A WPS button assists you with remotely associating your printer to your PC subsequently making the way toward printing smooth and simple for you from any side of the room or office.

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