Most people know what WordPress is and are familiar with WordPress themes as a result. But fewer people know about WordPress theme detector and know even less about how they work.

So, that’s why today we’re going to explore exactly what a WordPress theme detector is and what it does. By the end of it, you may even decide that you need one because they can be really helpful for anyone looking to make or update their WordPress website.

And by the way, in today’s article, we’re going to specifically be referring to the functions of the Themesinfo WordPress theme detector because it’s the best WP theme detector out there, in our opinion.

What does a WP Theme Detector Do?

A WordPress theme detector allows you to insert a certain website’s URL in order to find out which WordPress theme they’re running. The highly efficient tool will scan the website and provide you with the information you need.

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What Can Themesinfo WordPress Theme Detector Find Out?

In addition to finding a site’s WordPress theme, the tool will also find out other information about the theme and plugins, as well. Here is a complete list of the information you’ll receive from using the Themesinfo WordPress theme detector.

  • Theme name
  • Author of the theme
  • The number of websites that use the theme
  • What the theme’s homepage is
  • And more…

What does the Themesinfo Chrome Extension Do?

Since we’re specifically discussing the Themesinfo WP theme extension, it’s worth mentioning that they have a Google Chrome extension that can enhance the overall experience.

If you use this extension, then you can actually scan any website you’re viewing for its WordPress theme, and you’ll eliminate the need to refer to the Themesinfo website and plug in the URL. It’s a hassle-free way to use their tool since all you have to do is browse the internet as usual.

And if you happen to be viewing a non-WordPress hosted website, then the extension icon will turn gray, rather than the blue it normally is if the website is WordPress hosted. This is a helpful feature that will allow you to know whether or not a website is WordPress hosted at a single glance.

Why Should You Get a WordPress Theme Detector?

If you’re not already convinced that you should have a WP theme detector, then maybe this last section will help you decide. Here is a quick overview of some of the benefits you could receive from this tool!

  • You could gain major inspiration for your own WordPress-hosted website. And not only can you gain inspiration, but you’ll also be able to apply that inspiration to your site since you’ll know the exact name of your desired WordPress theme.
  • You can ensure a certain theme runs well and doesn’t have any major glitches. If the theme is running well on several different sites, as you’ll be able to tell from this tool’s report, then you can feel safe using the theme. You’ll know that it’s reliable!
  • And you’ll be saving yourself the trouble of having to sift through mountains of code to try and figure out which theme is being used. The tool does all the hard work for you.