​​Poker is one of the oldest card games in the world. And with the development of multimedia, the popularity of this game is growing like a snowball. It attracts players, first of all, by the simplicity of the rules and the ability to earn big money at a low initial rate. The poker side has not been spared either by a personal computer, without departing from which you can while away the evening playing cards with a computer opponent and learn the basics that will be very useful when playing for real money. This article will focus on artificial intelligence poker video games that have been released over the past six to seven years.

Classic Pai Gow Poker

Classic poker with a rather cozy two-dimensional interface, the table and card backs are decorated with intricate Arabic script. Musical jazz accompaniment adjusts to the desired mood at the beginning of the game, but it gets boring pretty quickly. Fortunately, there are icons in the upper right side of the window that allow you to turn off music and effects. Here you can also read the basic rules of poker (they are drawn up in solid text, which is rather inconvenient to remember). You start the game with a balance of $ 10,000. You will have to fight one on one with a computer opponent, whose artificial intelligence is at an average level. In addition, quite often, when dealing with a player, profitable combinations fall out into his hands.

Texas Hold ‘Em High Stakes Poker

Pseudo 3D poker simulator with outdated graphics, but good potential. Before sitting at the gaming table, the user can adjust the basic parameters of the game. They include the choice of the number of players at the table, the bet limit, the number of credits in the initial bank. In addition, you can choose one of five types of poker games. The gameplay itself takes place at a classic poker table with drawn players, the game interface is clear and not overloaded with unnecessary information. The location of the control buttons in the right corner of the screen is convenient. Neutral musical accompaniment does not strain the ear, artificial intelligence is at a fairly high level, and if you do not pay attention to the picture, then you will want to return to this game more than once.

3С Texas Holdem Poker

2D game with a choice of several types of poker – Texas Holdem , Omaha Holdem or Draw Poker . In the help for the game, you can familiarize yourself with the rules and strategies of the main types of poker. Before starting the game, you can choose the number of opponents from 2 to 10 players and adjust the reaction speed of computer opponents. The game interface is very stressful for the eyes. On a bright green background, dozens of brightly colored chips are scattered all over the table. The cards are pale and expressionless. The table is so overloaded with unnecessary information that at first it is impossible to figure out where, whose cards and where to click to make a move. Artificial intelligence is below average.


A very nicely designed poker game for eight players at one poker table. The game takes place in a picturesque wooden house overlooking the lake. Stacks of chips and cards are carefully drawn in 3D projection. The game starts with 1000 € in the hands of each player. The game controls located at the bottom of the screen are intuitive for the player. Good artificial intelligence and visual design of the game will not let poker fans get bored.

Real poker

Poker game with four computer opponents at the same table. At the beginning of the game, each player has $ 100 in his hands. The artificial intelligence of your opponents is slightly above average. No revelations in the schedule. Classic two-dimensional design of cards and a poker table that looks like a solitaire – a kerchief. Standard text font. The soothing musical accompaniment of the game.

King of Poker 2

A very unusual 3D poker game with RPG elements made in the spirit of the wild west. Before starting the game, you have to choose a player’s name, hat color, gender, difficulty of the game (normal and professional). After that, a pretty drawn cowboy town and its inhabitants in huge hats open in front of you. The player will not only have to play poker, but also complete mini-tasks. From the first seconds of the game and a short conversation with one of the cowboys, you go to a neighboring town on a steam train in order to prove to the mayor, who decided to ban your favorite game, that Poker is a game with a capital letter! On the city map, you can move between buildings and talk to locals for new tasks. The very process of playing poker is very beautifully traced, the colors are organically combined with each other. The camera is located above the table, each character, or rather his hat, is unique in its own way. The animation is also at a high level, someone’s hands with cards are nervously moving across the table, and someone is covering their combination from prying eyes. It’s pretty comfortable to play on the average difficulty level, but with the money you earn at the table, you can spend on a new cowboy hat in a nearby store.

Japanese Pai Gow Poker

Classic heads-up poker with a computer opponent with average artificial intelligence. The difference from other games lies in the rather cozy design in the Japanese style. You have to play in a two-dimensional space against the backdrop of a huge moon hanging over the mountain and ships on the river. The backs of the cards are made in red with the image of a golden dragon. All the necessary information and control buttons are located at the bottom of the screen and are not satisfactory.

Erotic Pai Gow Poker

The same classic heads up poker. The only difference from the previous one is the background of the game table and the design of the cards. This time it is a nicely drawn nude vampire with red hair and periodically dripping blood from her lips. The governing bodies are located in the same place as in Japanese Pai Gow Poker . The enemy’s artificial intelligence is average.