The latest data shows that 19.7 million Americans over the age of 12 are battling some type of substance use disorder.

Are you struggling with addiction yourself? Are you ready to get help but unsure of where to begin?  

If you have questions like “What is a detox center?” or “How do I choose the right detox center for me?”, keep reading. Explained below is everything you need to know.

What Is a Detox Center?

A detox center is a type of drug rehab facility. Visiting a detox center is typically the first step in a person’s recovery journey.

At a detox center, an individual will receive medical support to help them through the initial stages of withdrawal.

The detox process involves getting all the addictive substances out of your body so you can begin the recovery process. This can be a very difficult time, especially when you’re addicted to very strong drugs like opioids.

Getting help from a medical professional can set you up for better results and minimize the most severe withdrawal symptoms (including insomnia, pain, and seizures). 

Why Go to an Alcohol or Drug Detox Center?

In addition to receiving medical support while you work through a drug or alcohol detox, there are lots of other reasons to consider visiting a detox center

For example, by spending time at a detox center, you can distance yourself from triggers and reduce your chance of relapse.

You also will receive emotional support from counselors and other addicts in recovery. You’ll have access to other resources that will help you through recovery, too, including support groups and individual therapy sessions.

How to Choose the Right Rehab Center

Drug detox centers have a lot to offer, but they’re not all created equal. The experts at Hope Rising Recovery recommend taking the following steps to ensure you find the right center for your needs:

  • Understand your goals: Do you want to go through just the detox process, or do you want to stick around for a 30- or 60-day rehab program?
  • Consider specialties: If possible, find a facility that specializes in the particular type of addiction you struggle with
  • Consider the location: Do you want to go to a center that’s close to your house, or would it be better to be farther away?
  • Insurance coverage: Does your insurance provider cover treatment at a particular facility? 

Read reviews from different facilities, too. This will help you get a more well-rounded idea of what they offer and whether or not a specific place is a good fit for you.

Get Help Today

Now that you can answer questions like “What is a detox center?” with ease, are you ready to take the next step and get help? Keep the tips listed above in mind so you can find the right rehab center for your needs and get the assistance and support you deserve.

If you need more help with your recovery, we have lots of other resources available on our site. Check out the health and wellness section today for more insight and suggestions.