Throughout life, minor accidents often result in the breaking of a tooth, a cut on the lips, or some bleeding gums. At such times, the question always arises: what to do in case of a dental emergency? Is there an emergency dental service? Is it necessary to solve the problem on the same day? How to transport the tooth?

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A dental emergency is any situation of suffering, pain, or discomfort that originates in the oral cavity, whether in the teeth, gums, cheek, tongue, or bones of the region.

What situations can be considered a dental emergency?

  • severe toothache of sudden onset;
  • bite or trauma to the lips, tongue, or cheeks;
  • crown detachment;
  • gum pain;
  • dental abscesses;
  • objects caught between the teeth;
  • fracture of teeth;
  • loss of teeth;
  • any trauma to the mouth area.

How to act during an emergency?

The most important thing is to stay calm and not take hasty actions without the guidance of a qualified professional. Before reaching the service point, perform the following steps:

  • rinse your mouth with warm water;
  • try to gently remove any objects caught between your teeth with the dental floss. If that doesn’t solve the problem, don’t try to use sharp or cutting objects;
  • in case of fractures or falling teeth, rinse the tooth with warm water to remove dirt, but do not rub the root region of the tooth;
  • if a baby tooth has fallen, store the tooth in a jar with milk, saline, or saliva from the person who has an accident and take it to the service center. Never try to fit the baby tooth back into the gum as this can damage the permanent tooth just below;
  • if a permanent tooth has fallen, try to fit the tooth back into the gum spot and seek care immediately;
  • apply direct pressure to any outbreak of bleeding with a clean cloth;
  • make cold compresses on the face to reduce pain and swelling;
  • do not make hot or cold compresses directly on the gums or teeth;
  • do not apply any medication or ointment to teeth and gums;
  • avoid any home treatment;
  • seek dental care immediately.

How is the care provided in the dental emergency?

First, the dentist performs a quick consultation to examine the injury site and assess the situation, creating a care plan and deciding whether radiographic examinations are necessary.

Then, it is possible to perform tooth extractions, dental plantations, drainage of infections, bleeding control, suture of cuts, removal of objects stuck between teeth, replacement of crowns, etc.

Where to look for care?

It is essential to seek care in a health service equipped with a dental emergency room, which can be present in traditional hospitals or in health centers specialized in dental care.

When choosing an Emergency dentist in Preston, Melbourne, look for one that is close by so that you won’t have to worry about travel time or parking fees when you need dental care fast!

If the patient has a dental health plan, just call the call center to receive first care instructions and addresses of service locations. Alternatively, you can also seek dental expertise from the Dentist in Sacramento for more information on dental emergencies.

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