The main fear of customers in outsourcing project development is that the team will be engaged in other tasks and will not devote enough time to your project. In this case, of course, the budget and deadlines will grow. In this case, we want to introduce you to a dedicated software development team, whose members will deal with only one project for the duration of its development.

A dedicated team structure is a model in which project development is outsourced to remote developers. An experienced team consists of developers, a quality assessment team, and a project manager. A dedicated team model combines experience, high quality, skills, and minimal cost. These advantages allow a remote team to be one of the most efficient ways to develop a project. 

This article will tell you about reasons to hire a dedicated development team and describe the advantages and disadvantages of this method. 

Let’s start?

How does a dedicated team model work?

This specialized product development is suitable for clients who understand their market, industry, and potential development risks. A dedicated development team consists of a group of attentive and dedicated developers to each project. Due to low team motivation, it reduces many potential risks and manages project development without error. Businesses hire such teams specifically for specific client projects. A dedicated team is interested in developing software for a specific audience, is involved in the product idea from the beginning, and works for results.

The key value of a dedicated project team structure is the focus. Developers are engaged in creating a single project in a single timeframe. This approach greatly increases the speed and quality of results. Customers no longer have to worry about whether developers will handle other projects. A dedicated team deals only with your project and goes to the goal.  

Advantages of a dedicated team

This software development model has many undeniable benefits. We will consider the most significant of them.

Reduction of development costs

Cost-effectiveness is one of the main advantages of a dedicated team. In a nutshell, it will be easier for you to hire a ready-made development team than to search and hire specialists yourself. Finding the right workers takes a lot of time, effort, and money. You need to spend money on interviews, test assignments, and candidate evaluations. Recruiting a team will negatively affect the amount of money in the project. By hiring a ready development team, you will eliminate this pricing item from your budget. 

Another significant factor is that a dedicated team already exists and works together. You exclude organizational moments and the distribution of roles. It saves both money and development time. 

Project focus and adaptability

Another key advantage of a dedicated software development team is the focus. Developers work on only one project and do not waste time on third-party tasks. Full engagement in the customer’s project allows focusing on the peculiarities of development and increases the whole team’s productivity. Besides, working on one project allows one to look at the project from different angles and not be distracted by other tasks. 

A dedicated team can better test different scenarios. The team focuses on adaptability, as the client can make changes in product development at every stage. It is a flexible team that can respond quickly to third-party changes. 

Full control of development

The customer gets the opportunity to control the execution of tasks by the allocated team members. You will manage competent developers, resources, and project infrastructure. A dedicated team organization structure provides the project development in an accelerated format, and even so, you should not doubt the quality of development. 

A dedicated development team can accelerate the development cycle and simplify the workflow. If you also implement DevOps, you can automate most tasks. The team and client discuss potential solutions, which allows you to achieve a better result in a shorter time.

Thanks to all the advantages, the client can adjust the project according to changing requirements and ensure that developers are busy with only the right tasks. It is the ideal model for those projects that require constant flexibility.

Disadvantages of a dedicated team

And even despite such significant advantages, the dedicated development team model still has its disadvantages. Before choosing this approach to development, you need to familiarize yourself with them. 

Low efficiency for short-term projects

The dedicated team model will be more effective if you select it for a long-term project when the project is short-term in nature.

This development approach will allow the team to be fully immersed in your project for the long term. The longer the project lasts, the more the team will be involved.

Finding the right team can take time.

You may not be able to find the right allocated command right away. It may take some time. Research the team, and match it with the requirements of your project. 

If you select the wrong team, you will have wasted development time and probably won’t achieve your goal. 


It is necessary to be aware of the pros and cons of this model to make the right choice. 

The team will be fully dedicated to the project, but the client will also need to interact with the team to achieve the best result.