Today we are going to talk on a topic which is very important for you to understand if you do not know what a database is – what is a database (what is database) and how the database is used, then you Read this article till the end, you will know everything about the database.

In this article we are going to talk about this topic

    definition of database

    What is database

    What to take care of before creating a database

    how is the database designed

    what is database management system

    DBMS Examples

    database model

    types of database model

Definition of Database – Why is the need of database:

What used to happen in earlier times that if we had to keep the details of a person or an object, we would write it in a notebook so that whenever we need that information, that data, then we can easily Be able to access the data. But if that paper or notebook is lost or torn from you, then we are not able to access that information. And all this is not a concern for any big organization or any big company.

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But now the time has changed, today is the era of digital, the era of computers and the era of internet. Now no organization or any company keeps their employees’ data and their important data by writing it in a paper. They save the data in the database so that whenever that data is needed, the data can be easily accessed through computer or mobile. Each company, school, hospital, university, railway or any organization has its own database where they save the information by keeping the information.

What is database?

You will be able to understand the meaning of database only when you know the meaning of data. So first of all we know what is data? After that we will know what a database is. Data means information, your name, your age, the name of your city, the name of your country, if you store it somewhere, then it is called a lot of data because it is a kind of information. If you fill your information in a form, it is called data.

So now you have come to know about what the data is. Whatever your data is, where it is saved, where that data is stored and kept is called database. In simple words, database means collection of data.

We understand by taking an example. There is a school and the names of the children studying in that school, in which class they are studying, what is the age of that child, what is the name of the village of that child, JC information is to be saved somewhere. The school will create a database for him so that he can save the data of all those children in it and further use the data of that database. Now you must know what the database is, now we will talk about how the database is designed and what things we need to take care of.

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What are the things to be kept in mind before creating a database

But the database is not created like this, before creating a database, we have to take care of many things and think about who can access that data, who can insert the data into that database. Have to think about all these. But how the data will be stored in the database also has to be thought of and it has to be designed properly.

A database designer is required to design the database and after designing the database it needs a DBA (database administrator) to operate that data. The DBA’s job is to operate the store data in that database and if any problem comes in the way of saving or accessing the data from that database, then it is the job of the DBA to fix the problem. .

Before creating the database, the database designer draws it on the paper and checks whether the database is correct or not, there is no mistake, there will be no problem going forward. Any company or school or university that has to design its database, tells the database designer in advance that which person can access which data. Apart from that, no other person can access that data. And taking all these things into consideration, the database designer has to design the database.

And at the same time, the database designer also has to think about which data will be stored inside the database, that means that the person’s name will be saved first, in the other column next to that person will save that person’s surname. is.

We also try to understand this by taking an example, if you have created an account by filling your information in a website or in an application, then only you will be able to see any information that you have given in that form. Cannot see that information means that the information you have filed will be stored in a database. But you only have the right to access that data, not anyone other than you store.

Now you will understand well what things need to be taken care of in designing a database. Designing a small database is very easy, but if designing a database for a large company for a large organization becomes very difficult. A database designer is a technical person who has complete knowledge about the database.

What is Database management system?

DBMS (database management system) means a software system through which you can access the data stored in the database and insert data into that database. With this software system you can do all this by insert, delete, update, select, access data from database.

Through DBMS, you can maintain the data stored in the database, you can make modifications in that data. DBMS means collection of programs. DBMS gives you a kind of user friendly interface so that you do not have any kind of problem in maintaining the database, you can easily access, update and insert data.

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Examples of DBMS:

DBMS is a kind of software, it is explained below.


MySQL is a kind of relational database management system. Which was started by MySQL AB in 1995 but now belongs to Oracle corporation. And that is what it owns now. With MySQL you can easily access and insert data and do much more. In this, even if you do not know much about the database, you will still be able to use MySQL.

2. Oracle

Oracle is called object relational database management system. The name of the company that created it is Oracle Corporation. Nowadays Oracle is used a lot more than other software.

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3. SQL server

SQL server is a kind of database management system. Which works just like mysql and oracle and also has a lot of use.

4. Microsoft access

You must have known from the name of this DBMS software which company it belongs to. Microsoft access was created by a Microsoft company. There are many other software with which you can maintain the data stored in the database. But in all these, you definitely saw a word and that word is sql. So let me tell you about SQL. The full name of SQL is structure query language. It is a kind of programming language with the help of which you can insert, delete or access data in the database.

database model?

The way in which the data will be stored logically in the database is decided according to the database model. Meaning how you can decide how to save data inside the database, above the database model. We also understand this by taking an example,

Suppose you were asked to design a school database, what would you do first? First you will think that how to store school data in database means which data to store first and which data to store later, how to store that data in column. If all these questions will come to your mind, then you should know about the database model to answer all these questions. So that you can get an idea of ​​how I can store the data in the database.

Types of database model?

    1.Network data model

    2.Relational data model

    3.Hierarchical data model


In today’s article, I have told you completely what the database is, the definition of database, why a database is needed, what things we need to keep in mind before creating a database and what database Is designed like a database management system. How many types of DBMS are there, what is the data model, type of data model, is talked about in full detail. If you are doing computer engineering or any computer related course, then you have to understand the database completely, it is very useful.

If you have any question about the database, you can tell me your question by commenting below and if you liked this article, then share it on your social media. Thank you.


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