In today’s modern era (Modern Era) computer has become a very big thing. Now hours work is done in minutes by computer or mobile (other type of device). In a way, the computer has changed the entire world, where it is doing good work, it is also used incorrectly.

What is a computer?

When computers started to be made, computers were made of very large size which was difficult to run, but as new new technology was invented, the size of the computer also started to decrease and it became easier to run. Today in the 21st century, computer is available with everyone because it is cheaper and it has become easier to run. By the way if we talk about the types of computer, there are many types but there are some important types which I am describing here.

Types of Computer

Computer is a multi-purpose machine and device that is used for a variety of tasks such as to maintain customer records in the bank, to maintain the records of students in the schools, etc. By the way, it is very difficult to directly classify the type of computer but we are classifying it on some basis here.

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    1.On the basis of application (based on application)

    2.On the basis of purpose

    3.On the basis of size (based on size)

1.On the basis of application (based on application)

Depending on the application, there are three types of computers:

    1.Analog Computer

    2.Digital Computer

    3.Hybrid Computer

1.Analog Computer

Analog Computer is a type of computer that processes Analog data. Analog data is called data which are not in the form of numbers, i.e. those which are in the form of physical quantity, which cannot be calculated like: Voltage, Temperature, Pressure etc.

This computer stores the data in continuous form (consecutive order) of physical quantity (physical quantity) and calculates or performs the data with the help of measures.

2.Digital Computer

Digital computer is a type of computer that processes numbers / numerical data. These types of computers calculate any data on the base of 0 and 1. 0 and 1 are called binary system or binary digit. Today, this computer is the most popular. This computer was actually built for business purpose.

3.Hybrid Computer

Hybrid Computer is a type of computer in which properties of both analog computer and digital computer are found. It is mostly used in hospitals where Patient’s blood pressure or blood pressure etc. are measured as analog and then that data is shown in the format of numbers which is the work of digital computer.

2.On the basis of purpose

Based on purpose, computers are of two types:

    1.General Purpose Computer

    2.Special Purpose Computer

(1).General Purpose Computer

As the name itself suggests, it will be a computer that will be used for general purpose i.e. a computer that has the capability to perform multiple tasks is called a general purpose computer. This type of computer has very cheap CPUs. In this type of computer, we can perform works like letter, document, game playing, watching movie, listening audio etc. The computer in which I wrote this post is a general purpose computer and the computer in which you are reading this post or in a mobile device is also a general purpose computer.

The general purpose computer is designed to perform a variety of tasks such as to prepare a record in the office, to register a complaint in a police station, to study in school and college, etc. Is used.

(2)Special Purpose Computer

It is also known by its name that it will be a computer that is used to perform some special work. A special purpose computer is a type of computer that is used to perform a specific task. CPUs are specially designed for this type of computer.

It is also called dedicated computer because this type of computer is dedicated or dedicated to perform a single task. The special purpose computer is designed in different ways for different places such as for weather forecasting (weather forecasting), for making missiles, for doing scientific research at NASA, for launching satellites, traffic system. To control

This computer performs a single task so its processing speed is high but this computer has a huge drawback that it can perform only the work it is designed for, other than that it cannot perform other tasks. Is

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On the basis of Size and processing speed (based on size)

Depending on the size and processing speed, the computer is of four types:

    1.Super Computer

    2.Mainframe Computer

    3.Mini Computer

    4.Micro Computer

1.Super Computer

Super computer is the most powerful computer in terms of processing speed and performance. This computer has more than one CPU, which works parallel to each other. These computers are made for specific work and are used only in a special purpose organization. Like to do scientific research at NASA, to do weather forecasting etc.

Super computers are very large in size, some super computers are so big that a very big building is required to keep them. The super computer is very large and performs more data and it heats up very quickly, hence it needs air-conditioned (AC).

According to Wikipedia, CDC 6600 from Control Data Corporation is known as the first supercomputer which was created by Seymour Cray in 1964.

2.Mainframe Computer

Mainframe computer has very high storage capacity and at the same time its processing speed is also fast but its storage capacity and processing speed are less than that of super computer. This computer is used by big companies like banks, insurance companies etc.

Its size is also very large, due to which it has to be kept in an air conditioned room. Major government institutions use mainframe computers to store data.

One major difference between a mainframe and a super computer is that the mainframe computer is designed to perform integer operations (like Financial record, Indexing, Comparison etc.) while the super computer is designed to perform floating point operation (like weather forecasting ( Weather forecast)) is designed for.

3.Mini Computer

The mini computer is of medium size, ie the mainframe is much smaller than the computer, this type of computer is used by small businesses. These computers are very small in size and this computer is not designed for any specific work i.e. this computer can be used by any businesses or companies.

This computer is more expensive than micro computer. This computer is generally used by small businesses. More than one person can use this computer simultaneously. This computer is used for the following purposes like:

    1.Production planning

    2.Cost analysis

    3.Maintenance of account

Such as: – Railway reservation system, banking transaction

4.Micro Computer

There is only one CPU in a microcomputer and it is very small in size and at the same time its cost is not too expensive. This type of computer is used in home, office, schools etc. Micro computer has been designed for general purpose work such as for watching TV, for entertainment, for playing games, for studying, etc.

Desktop computers, Laptops, PDA (Personal Digital assistant), Smart phones and tablets are all types of microcomputers. There are many well-known companies that design micro computers such as Dell, HP, ACER, ASUS, Apple, Samsung, Sony etc.


After reading this entire post, it concludes that the world of computers has become very large, now many types of computers are being designed. When we are ever asked to describe the types of computers, we are not able to give accurate information because the world of computers has become very large and at the same time many types of computers are coming in the market every day.

If you are ever asked about the types of computers, this much information is enough. Here I have described the types of computer in very easy words. I hope you liked this post very much. Do share this post with your friends. Thank you for visiting