Welven Da Great or Welvin Harris were popular sensations on social media a few years ago. Deez Nuts Jokes He comes from the United States, which has become famous thanks to its popular comedy films. The star, however, lost fame and the money he earned from content on social media.

The star is said to be homeless and died. But there is controversy in this news as some have confirmed that he was last seen a few days ago at a Los Angeles subway station near the largest homeless dam in the US.

As the video started circulating on social media, people were wondering if he was homeless or dead. So what happened to the Deez Nuts guy?

Who is Welvin Harris or Welven Da Great?

Welvin Harris was a famous social media star known by various names including Welven Da Great and The Deez Nuts Guy. He made a name for himself on the Internet when he began posting his comedy videos on social media under the name “Deez Nuts”.

He was a popular social media star from the United States. He has been known for sharing comedy content on Instagram where he gained fame for all comedy videos. He was popular on the platform with over 2 million followers and was paid highly for his appearances at events.

But what happened to the Deez Nuts guy that made him homeless. He started losing fame a few years ago and all the money earned on social media is gone. A few days ago, a social media star was seen in the greatest barrier for homeless people in the Western world.

Now all his supporters and fans want to know more about the star and are worried if he is homeless and died.

Where was the Deez Nuts guy last spotted?

According to online sources, the social media star was recently spotted near a slip line in a Los Angeles subway station. He sat on the subway sidewalk in the slip row that is considered the largest slum or homeless embankment in the Western world.

The video has been published and people now want to know more about the star.

Is Welvin homeless or dead – what happened to the Deez Nuts guy?

After evaluating the online story, we came across a few comments. No sources confirm his death story. So it would be too early to conclude that the social media star is dead.

The star’s video at the metro station has also not been verified by any sources, so it cannot be confirmed whether the star is homeless. But it seems the star is not doing well so far.

What do people have to say?

As soon as the video is released, people want to know what happened to the Deez Nuts guest. After rating, we found user comments on social media.

As they comment, the star has not died, and he is still alive. There are no sources that would verify the story of his death and the history of the homeless man published on the Internet.

So we can’t tell if the star is homeless or dead. Users need to do research to get more information about the star.


Welvin Harris was a famous social media star, but he went missing for many years and didn’t publish any comedy films where he would be popular.

People post different stories and his fans want to know what happened to the Deez Nuts guy.

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