This article may be unclear for certain social groups who do not watch daily TV series like General Hospital. The reason why such episodes are called daily soaps is because they last for years.

In this article, we’ll talk about what happened to Jordan on GH, where GH stands for General Hospital in the United States, as well as all the major details of this particular event. If you want to know the truth, keep reading to find out all about it.

The actors of this series remained in the series until their death. The General Hospital is the longest-running series to be produced in Hollywood and airing on ABC. The program has thirteen awards in its name. Since the show has been going on for so long, producers have to throw new faces to keep it going.

What was the event?

What happened to Jordan on GH has recently been the subject of much discussion on Twitter and other social media platforms as the actress was replaced. All viewers want to know the reason why everyday soap makers are doing this.

 While watching the series, we automatically build a relationship with the characters of the drama. We feel what they feel and try to put ourselves in the hero’s shoes. It’s a human disposition and very average.

Who is Jordan?

Jordan Ashford’s character first appeared in March 2014. What happened to Jordan on GH is a mystery that will be discovered while reading the article. Jordan is played by Viness Antoine, who joined the soap 7 years ago.

After four years of the role, in 2018 she decided to leave the cast in 2018 and the character was replaced by Briana Nicole Henry. Briana continues to do a great job of keeping it consistent.

A few details about the event.

Jordan Ashford is a character played on the show and looks a bit different. But to melt it, we can say it’s a hard nut that can’t be easily broken. What happened to Jordan on GH is currently a hot topic in the United States. Jordan is trying to reunite with her son and has just moved to Port Charles.

As soon as the son found out about her mother that she was associated with the Jerome Crime Family and was arrested for drug trafficking, he fell into a rage. But the twist mentioned that Jordan was working undercover, and all this was done on purpose.

Final verdict.

The first episode of GH aired in the 1970s and the series revolves around the hospital. Frank and Doris Hursley created the program. It has been known for years that the drama series that Shawn killed Jordan’s husband in self-defense can cause anxiety among viewers.

What happened to Jordan on GH is just a twist and was added by the makers of the drama series to spice up the situation. Your reviews on the article are highly appreciated in the comments section below.